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Do The New Orleans Saints Have Must-Start Running Backs

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News, NFL Season Long Fantasy Draft Kit & Advice

Do The New Orleans Saints Have Must-Start Running Backs?

When it comes to the New Orleans Saints and daily fantasy lineups, you typically think of Drew Brees and maybe one of his wide receivers (Michael Thomas appears to be his favorite this season). You rarely, if ever, think about starting one of their running backs.

But it’s a different day in New Orleans.

The Saints have been a pass-first and pass-often team for years. Having a guy like Drew Brees encourages that, but so does having an abysmal defense.

This season that does not appear to be the case. After a poor start, the Saints defense has played well. This has allowed them to lean a little less on Brees and the passing game and a little more on the run game.

As a result, the Saints have the No. 9 run game in the NFL heading into Week Ten.

Mark Ingram or Alvin Kamara?

Mark Ingram has been the primary option for the Saints the last few seasons and has carried the ball for more than half of the Saints rushing attempts this season (123 of 228). Rookie running back Alvin Kamara has only carried the ball 52 times, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should start Ingram.

Much like he was in college for Tennessee, Kamara’s best value to the Saints has been as a receiving option. Of the plays he is in for, he has been split out like a wide receiver on 34.8 percent of them this season.

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Consequently, he has been targeted on pass plays 48 times this season. Since he has managed to haul in 37 for 341 yards, he is the Saints third most productive receiver.

So—who do you start?

Over the last five weeks, between his touches in the run game and the passing game, Kamara has accounted or at least 76 yards of offense. In two of the last three, he’s had 100+ total yards of offense.

Ingram does little in the passing game but has at least 75 rushing yards in each of the last four games and 100+ in two of them.

Buffalo has been good at defending against the run, but the Bills were shredded last week by the Jets. It is not hard to imagine Ingram and Kamara doing the same. However, only two running backs have gained 60+ receiving yards against the Bills.

Neither would be a bad option, but Ingram is the better one this week. See who the pros like at DK Legends.


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