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ESPN Sucks

ESPN – Friend or Foe?

By Christopher Tyler Baker - 4 months ago in Entertainment, NFL News

Thank you, ESPN

I have a lot to be thankful for. I’m blessed to have a supportive family, great friends and I get to go to work everyday and partner with the best and brightest minds in the fantasy sports industry. I could write volumes on all the ways I am blessed. So I want to take a minute to give a special shout out to ESPN- my very own blessing in disguise.

ESPN Sucks

Easy money

Every year as I prepare for my many season-long NFL fantasy leagues, I know that I’m going to have a huge advantage over many of my opponents. ESPN brands itself as “the worldwide leaders in sports”, and so many of my fantasy opponents trust ESPN to keep them informed about what is going on in the sports world. I know that throughout the NFL season, my opponents are going to look at ESPN’s weekly projections and set their lineups accordingly. I also know that a lot of the opponents that I face in the DFS world are watching SportCenter and are being fed narratives that have absolutely no bearing on what happens on the field. ESPN has become a critical part of my NFL fantasy strategy in many ways.

Please, keep watching ESPN

Every NFL fantasy draft I go to, I’m equipped with two very important tools: my own positional player rankings (that I work very, very hard on btw) and a trusty ESPN cheat sheet. Every year I have an ESPN cheat sheet close by so that I know how the suckers are going to draft. ESPN’s cheatsheets are a very useful tool that helps me find value and gage how long I can wait before I need to get my guy. ESPN is not very good at fantasy football and somehow people just haven’t figured it out yet.

ESPN Sucks

Dominating fantasy football is a year long effort and I have found some guys in the industry who’s commentary helps me stay informed and who’s opinions I trust- Christopher Harris, The Football guys, The Fantasy Footballers and many more. There are a lot of really good sources out there and DK Legends is committed to being one of those knowledgable and reliable sources.

Several years ago, I began looking for better sources after I realized that ESPN’s projections are garbage. It was then that I found a direct correlation between me finding better sources of information and my fantasy football performance improving. When I realized this, I stopped going to ESPN for fantasy help.

So please, keep watching SportsCenter. I’m always looking to add another motorcycle to my collection and I’d much rather spend your money than mine.

ESPN Sucks

ESPN is entertainment

ESPN is more entertainment than information. ESPN can make more money feeding people shocking and entertaining narratives then they do keeping people informed. Watching sports is always exciting, but the hard work that it takes to be good at fantasy sports can be boring. If you love fantasy sports as I do, the boring work is always rewarding, but it’s still a grind sometimes. A television network dedicated to only sports analysis would probably not be very profitable,

ESPN Sucks

And it’s not even good entertainment

So, if ESPN has little value when it comes to fantasy sports, why watch it? Well, if you enjoy veiled- and not-so veiled- attempts to inject progressive social politics into the sports arena, then ESPN is right up your ally. Personally, I don’t think Bruce Jenner getting a boob job constitutes a courage award. It is not my place to judge another man’s actions, but I certainly don’t feel compelled to play along with the masquerade that Bruce Jenner is a woman.

I’m not scared or offended by the idea of Caitlyn Jenner and I hold no anger, judgement or hatred toward Mr. Jenner. In fact, it takes a lot of balls (see what I did there) to do what he did. But I’m not going to applaud his decision and I don’t care for ESPN’s attempts to define courage in such a way. Especially given that there were some very deserving athletes that deserved consideration for that award. You know, like athletes that were actually relevant to their respective sports.

ESPN Sucks

And remember the efforts of many people at ESPN to convince everyone that “Redskins” was a bad word? Give me a break. Common sense left the ESPN building long ago.

The last straw

I could spend a lot of time highlighting ways that ESPN has gone too far in their attempts to push a progressive social agenda, but I’m not going to go down that road. Well, not now at least. But something happened yesterday that was the last straw for me.

ESPN Sucks

Thanks for ruining the draft, ESPN

The only thing I like more than listening to true football fans booing Roger Goddell is the look on his face as he’s trying to pretend like everybody in the room isn’t booing him. It happens every year on every pick and I genuinely enjoy the awkwardness.

I was waiting for my Redskins to pick at 49 and trying to enjoy the NFL Draft when things took a turn for the worse.

With the 48th overall pick, the Bengal selected Joe Mixon. Now, I’m sure everyone reading this is aware of the egregiously horrible punch Mixon threw that literally broke a girl’s face. It was absolutely indefensible. There is a video of the incident and it is an angering and sad thing to watch. It was a horrible decision that will probably follow Mixon for the rest of his life.

ESPN Sucks

ESPN just can’t stay in their lane

After the pick was made, the ESPN commentators jumped at the chance to embarrass and destroy Mixon. Even the Bengals caught some heat for drafting him. They even went so far as to show the three-year-old video of the assault. They didn’t show any of Mixon’s college highlights, they didn’t dig into his stats and they didn’t discuss why the Bengals felt the need to take another running back with Bernard and Hill in the stable. Nope. ESPN used all that time to stake out their moral high ground and work to embarrass a kid on national television on what should have been one of the best days of his life. Isn’t ESPN supposed to talk about sports?

ESPN Sucks

Now, I’m not at all suggesting that the assault should be swept under the rug. Not at all. But the reality is that three years ago, an 18 year old kid made a very, very poor decision in the heat of the moment. He was disciplined and I personally don’t feel any moral obligation to condemn him to a lifetime of shame. Some may disagree with me and thats fine. If there was an on-going problem with hitting women, I’d be cool with tracking him down and dishing out an ass whooping. We can all agree that there is absolutely no excuse for what he did, but why does ESPN feel the need to spend all that time trying to destroying Joe Mixon? The answer is simple- Mixon is an easy target for opportunistic attention whores like Steven A. Smith to rant about. Congrats, ESPN, you just picked on a kid so you can make a buck.

But can Joe Mixon run?

Is Joe Mixon a jerk? Probably, but I don’t know him. Do I watch draft coverage to listen to commentators dig into people’s personal character to expose flaws? No. I want the stats and highlights. But ESPN just couldn’t resist the opportunity to exploit the controversy for their own gain. It’s a shame that the “worldwide leader in sports” doesn’t spend more time talking about sports.

ESPN Sucks

Being cold blooded is good for fantasy

For fantasy purposes, I don’t care if a guy killed his momma and beat the dog after robbing a bank while on crack. I’m going to play who I think has the best chance to perform. I don’t care if Adrian Peterson hit his kid with a switch. It’s the court system’s job to deal with him, not mine. If he can help my fantasy roster, then I’ll play him.

If that brand of cold and calculating doesn’t sit well with you than so be it. My plan is to buy a 1985 Yamaha Vmax with my fantasy winnings this year. I’ll certainly appreciate your high-minded contributions trickling down from your moral high ground.

ESPN Sucks

DK Legends can take you there

DK Legends is the industry’s premier NFL DFS site, and this year we are going to be branching out into season long fantasy football. If you’re ready to take your NFL fantasy game to the next level, we can help. Are you going to be the guy that dominates your league, or are you going to let ESPN keep you down?

If you choose the latter, I have a spot for you in my league.


The opinions expressed here are solely those of Christopher Tyler Baker and do not represent the views or opinions of DK Tyler can be a jerk sometimes but he kills it in fantasy football so we keep him around.


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