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Bullish or Bearish – Clayton Kershaw

By Matthew Kirkeby - 7 years ago in MLB News

Bullish or Bearish
Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

By now you probably have a fresh opinion of me. Those who think I’m bullish on Clayton Kershaw are thinking “no duh, jackass”; those who think I’m bearish are thinking I’m stupid or crazy. Maybe this is a good time to clarify the purpose of these articles- the more value you can find in DFS players, the more cap you have to spend on better players elsewhere. Bullish indicates the player has good value; bearish means the players is a bad value.

Is Clayton Kershaw worth the price of admission?

Clayton Kershaw will cost you your first born child and all the change in your piggy bank. He has built his resume on scoring a ton of points with astonishing consistency. But something isn’t right this year.

He is maintaining the insane 0.7 walks per nine from last year, but his K/9 is down to 9.6, down from a 3-year average of 11.0. Supporting this change is an 11.1% swinging strike rate, his lowest since 2012. Over the last 3 years that number averaged about 15%, much more deserving of his $13,000+ price range.

Clayton Kershaw

Let me paint some context on this situation for you- Clayton Kershaw missed a couple of months last year with a herniated disc, which for those who don’t know, is an incredibly serious injury which not every athlete recovers from. It’s the type of injury that can have unpredictable results and implications. Having had a partially herniated disc, I don’t take that information lightly.

I am BEARISH on Clayton Kershaw.

Chris Sale is the only pitcher cashing checks of $12,000+ from my cap this year.

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