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Danny Moreno


Accomplishments: 2022 two KOB tickets- DraftKings World Championship ticket - 2021 World Championship and KOB ticket - 2020 - DraftKings World Championship ticket - 2019 - 3 FanDuel World Championship and a DraftKings World Championship ticket(s) - 2018 - 4 FanDuel World Championship, DraftKings World Championship and King of the Beach Tickets, 2017 FanDuel World Championship Ticket, 2016 - 2 King of the Beach, 2 Playboy Tourney, 1 DraftKings and 3 FanDuel World Championship Tickets, 2015 - DraftKings World Championship and Golf World Championship Tickets

Hometown: Bakersfield, CA

Username: danny1234


He’s not the best at picking user names, but he sure can pick one hell of a DraftKings lineup. Meet danny1234, California native, and DraftKings 2015 2nd place World Championship Winner.

Unlike most fantasy football players, danny1234 wasn’t a huge NFL fan for many years. In fact, the guy doesn’t even have a favorite NFL team. He loved watching football when he was young and avidly followed his favorite player, Dan Marino. As he got older, life got busy and watching football fell to the wayside. Until fantasy football came around. Once danny1234 started playing fantasy football, he found himself in love with the game all over again.
“I kind of got away from football for a couple of years…till fantasy football started. Once that started it rejuvenated me. Not only did I watch games that I would never watch before, but I would watch all the games.”

danny1234 not only liked fantasy football, he discovered he was actually pretty good at it. A member of DraftKings, he found himself consistently rising to the top of his leader board. In just one season his love of fantasy football took him from making picks on his phone to making picks at the 2015 DraftKings FFWC.

Traveling over 200 miles to San Diego for the first round of the Fantasy Football World Championship with his brother by his side, danny1234 arrived hopeful and excited. He was ready to play and ready to win. But that hope soon dwindled and the excitement faded when halfway through the game he found himself in 160th place. So, with a 3 ½ hour drive ahead of him and work the next day Danny decided to head home.
With the championship game still on his mind halfway through the drive home, danny1234 decided to pull over to check his standing. As the app refreshed, he was shocked to see himself in 6th place. Quickly realizing this meant a guaranteed ticket to Los Angeles and a spot in the Final 10, danny1234 and his brother immediately turned the car around to head back to San Diego.

After eventually finishing 8th in San Diego, danny1234 made a name for himself when he placed 2nd in the Fantasy Football World Championship in Los Angeles and winning $2 million dollars.

Danny has enjoyed continued success in 2016. He qualified for multiple major tournaments including the Fantasy Football World Championship in both DraftKings and FanDuel where in worse finish was 26th. Danny has proven himself to be one of the best Daily Fantasy Football tournament players in the world, and he is ready to help you get your game to the next level.

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