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Bullish or Bearish – Kansas City Royals Batters

By Matthew Kirkeby - 7 years ago in MLB News

Kansas City is a Royal pain in my …

Kansas City Royals

The Good 

What do you want to hear first about the Kansas City Royals – the good news or the bad news? The good, you say? Here you go: With catcher being such a low output investment, Salvador Perez in the $3000 range still has some value, but only because he is a catcher.  I am also expecting a little life out of Jorge Soler, who will be featured here as soon as he shows it.

The Bad

Okay, so maybe the good news wasn’t so good. Here’s the real news: I am DONE pissing money away on the Royals batters.  Moustakas, Hosmer, and Cain are the main culprits here who have been crapping the bed worse than my 20 month old daughter. Even in good spots, they seem to find a way to suck.

I am a firm believer that everyone has a price, so I’ll frame it this way:  These guys have all been priced above $3000 on FanDuel in allegedly good spots, but all they’ve left for their owners are brown stains in white sheets.

The Ugly

The Kansas City Royals are in the bottom quarter of the MLB in most meaningful statistical categories .  26th in wOBA and OBP at .307 and .304 respectively.  The Royals are 27th in HRs (147), 26th in RBI at 640, and five of the seven teams who have scored fewer runs (675) than them have a pitcher hitting for them.  All of this compounds the already poor career results they’ve shown.  Their floors AND ceilings are just too low.

Mike Moustakas

Even including that magical Championship season of 2015, Moustakas (.284/22 HR in 2015) has a career .247 Batting Average over the past 6 plus years, with about 18 HRs per 149 games (his career high).

Eric Hosmer

Eric Hosmer’s best season was as a rookie in 2011 where he went .293 with 19 HR and 11 SB, great for a rookie, otherwise bland.  His career numbers are .277/18 HR/9 SBs and it gets worse when you see his three HR this season despite talk of juiced baseballs causing the league wide increase in homeruns.

Lorenzo Cain

Lorenzo Cain’s only representative season was 2015, when he played a career high 140 games and hit 16 HRs (the only double digit homerun season).  He still kicks in respectable steals, but not enough to keep his floor any higher than his teammates.

Maybe some day…

I’m looking for prices of $2500 or less for Hosmer and under $3000 for Moustakas and Cain.  Even then, I need a good venue (NOT their home park), a VERY vulnerable opposing pitching staff, and some signs of life before they warrant consideration.  There are much better ways of spending $3000 to $3500 of your FanDuel budgets than on this sinking ship.

I am BEARISH on pretty much anyone wearing a Royals uniform.  Their offense makes them an obvious cellar dweller in 2017, and they are not yet priced that way.

Do you have a question about some of the stats mentioned here? This article can help.


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