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Can You Trust Rob Gronkowski to Perform Up To His Usual Standard Next Season?

By Danny Moreno - 6 years ago in NFL Season Long Fantasy Draft Kit & Advice

Can You Trust Rob Gronkowski to Perform Up To His Usual Standard Next Season?

Fans of the New England Patriots got some good news Tuesday when tight end Rob Gronkowski announced that he would indeed be returning for the 2018 season. One again, Tom Brady would have one of his favorite targets to help him decimate defenses on Sundays.

Gronk stoked the fires of speculation after the Super Bowl and had yet to commit to playing in ’18 leaving fans and the Patriots wondering. But now that he’s back, it is hard not to wonder just how committed he is to the game.

Yes, he is an incredible talent and a physical specimen capable of amazing things. But he has an extensive injury history, he’ll be 29 when the season starts, and he has appeared more interested in goofing than ever before this offseason.

What will the Patriots—and daily fantasy players — get out of him next season?

If you listen to Gronk, they’ll get the same guy they’ve come to know and love. According to the message he posted to Instagram announcing his return, he’s been preparing:

I met with coach today and informed him I will be back for the 2018 season with the Pats. I have been working out, staying in shape and feel great. Looking forward to another championship run.

Nothing to worry about, right?

Or is there?

Just a few days ago he told reporters that he had been busy working on his ‘dirt bike skills.’ It’s entirely within his rights to do as he wishes in his downtime. But teams typically frown on activities that could cause a serious enough injury to hamper a player’s readiness for the season.

This is Gronk we are talking about, though. He’s known for being a big, fun-loving goof away from the football field. Besides, he could have been saying that just to mess with the reporters because he knew what they wanted him to say.

Can you really take this guy seriously?

Week one football advice

Well—should you?

Daily fantasy players will want to when the season starts, but there is reason to pause. What if there is something to all the talk about guys getting tired of the “Patriot Way?” What if Gronk’s reluctance to return has something to do with not being too eager to play for Bill Belichick anymore?

He’s definitely been taking things less seriously this offseason. Will he keep that mentality, or will it be back to business as usual?

Right now, it is impossible to tell. So, when the season starts, it might not be a bad idea to go with Travis Kelce or someone else for a couple weeks before giving Rob Gronkowski the nod.


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