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Could Kirk Cousins Make The New York Jets Receivers More Fantasy Relevant?

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News

Could Kirk Cousins Make The New York Jets Receivers More Fantasy Relevant?

With the cap space, the Jets have headed into free agency, they are expected to make a run at one of the experienced QBs set to hit the market. Rumor has it they are serious about going after Kirk Cousins. How serious? Enough that they may fully guarantee his contract!

With how he’s played the last couple of years, that is going to be a massive contract. But what daily fantasy fans want to know is whether he’ll make the Jets receivers better daily fantasy options?

Most people would be quick to say “yes.”

But last season, the Jets top two wide receivers, Robby Anderson and Jermaine Kearse, outranked Cousins’ top two wide receivers in Washington, Jamison Crowder, and Ryan Grant. Anderson ranked 18th among wide receivers according to ESPN and Kearse ranked 26th. Crowder ranked 33rd and Grant 54th.

That would make it look like Josh McCown was a better quarterback than Cousins last year—but no one would ever say that with a straight face. However, the numbers say otherwise.

But you can’t always trust the numbers. At least you can’t without looking at the entire picture.

So—what is the entire picture?

Cousins lost both of his primary receivers from the 2016 season during the offseason last year, DeSean Jackson and Pierre Garcon. He pretty much went from having two talented, veteran receivers on the field to a pair of young, inexperienced, and unproven talents as targets.

But Crowder did better in 2016 (67 receptions, 97 targets, 847 yards) than he did last season (66 receptions, 104 targets, 789 yards).  How do you explain that?

Defenses had an easier time defending the Redskins passing game and taking away the options Cousins had at his disposal. Why? Easy, because they were not as good. When he was the No.3 option, life was easier for Crowder. But when he became the No. 1—not so much.

But the Jets don’t have more talented players than his Redskins did—or did they?

An argument could be made that Kearse, who was traded to the Jets from Seattle because the Seahawks didn’t need him, is better than Crowder. While Grant showed some promise, Anderson showed a little more.

In that regard, the numbers do not lie.

So—can Kirk Cousins make the Jet wide receivers more fantasy relevant?


Josh McCown is an underrated quarterback, but there is a reason why he has never managed to stick anywhere long enough to become the No. 1 QB. Cousins, on the other hand, has been franchised tagged the last two seasons for a reason. The only reason he’s going to be available for the Jets to throw a truckload of money at is because the Redskins didn’t want to.

Bottom line is Cousins is the better quarterback of the two. He’s grown accustomed to working with a lackluster run game the last couple years in Washington. So, he should feel right at him in New York’s backfield and style of play.

No matter who lines up at wide receiver for him (since neither Anderson or Kearse are a lock to stay), he’ll make them better.


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