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Fanduel Makes Major Change to NFL Games for Coming Season

By Danny Moreno - 6 years ago in NFL News

The decision makers over at FanDuel appear to have decided that it is time to make a change. It isn’t exactly a monumental change; their competitors over at DraftKings have already done it. You could say that FanDuel is copying DraftKings (who have never used kickers).

Or you could just say ‘better late than never!’ Either way, the result is the same for daily fantasy players.

Week one fantasy football advice

Kickers are gone.

Yes, daily fantasy fans, the kicker is gone. No more puzzling over which kicker to pick up. Do you spend the extra money to get a Justin Tucker or Greg Zuerlein? Or do you go with whatever bottom of the barrel option is available after you fill out the rest of your roster?

What really made it frustrating was every time you splurged on Zuerlein he’d only have one or two attempts while whoever is kicking for Cleveland nails three from 50 yards.

There was no telling when a kicker was going to have a good game and when he wouldn’t. Even if he did have a good game, he didn’t do much for your overall point total. He wasn’t worthless since you had to have one to fill out your roster and play. But he certainly didn’t bring much to the table either.

The ‘flex.’

For many fans, just getting rid of the kicker is enough of a treat. But the decision makers over at FanDuel decided that since they were taking a spot away, they needed to add one.

So, they did—a flex.

For the flex position, you can choose an additional running back, wide receiver, or tight end. If the game has an ‘any flex’ option, you can add a kicker to your roster if you really must have one.

This could get interesting.

Have you ever kicked yourself after falling short of the money because you thought about adding a guy, didn’t, and then he blows up while the guy you did start lays an egg? Have you ever thought about taking a chance on No. 3 receiver or maybe a seldom-used running back because you had a ‘feeling?’

Now you’ll have to make those decisions every week. But at least with this decision, unlike picking a kicker, choose well, and you may win money.


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