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It Sounds Crazy, But Corey Coleman Could Be a Good Start Sunday (really)

By Travis Pulver - 7 years ago in NFL News, NFL Season Long Fantasy Draft Kit & Advice

It Sounds Crazy, But Corey Coleman Could Be a Good Start Sunday (really)

If there is one thing most daily fantasy and traditional fantasy players know, it’s to stay away from the graveyard that is the Cleveland Browns. Their 0-11 record says it all—they are not very good. The defense has shown some promise at times and has kept some game within reach. But Deshone Kizer is erratic at best.

You simply can’t count on the Browns offense to produce—which makes it hard to believe that Browns wide receiver Corey Coleman could be a good start this week.

Crazy, right?

If the fact that he is on the Browns is not enough reason not to start him, who the Browns are playing should be. The Los Angeles Chargers don’t have the best pass defense in the NFL, but the secondary has been stingy against big name receivers this season. They are ranked No. 21 in the league for points allowed to wide receivers (19.6).

So, that’s why you shouldn’t start him.

But why should you?

Since returning to action a few weeks ago, Coleman has been playing well. But being on the Browns has allowed his production to fly under the radar. In four games he has 15 receptions (31 targets) for 206 yards and a touchdown.

Average that out, and it doesn’t sound like much. But what makes Coleman intriguing is that he was targeted on nearly 30 percent of Deshone Kizer’s passes (18 of 63) the last two weeks.

That’s a pretty significant number.

With a per catch average of 16 yards in those two games, he sees a lot of downfield passes. That means his numbers could go from nice but meaningless for daily fantasy play to a darn good start. If he can catch a couple more passes, that is.

Start him?

Starting Coleman comes with an element of risk because he does play for the Browns. But Kizer does have potential and can make the deep throws. Also, the Browns are planning on having Josh Gordon on the field as much as possible Sunday. Gordon’s presence could loosen up the coverage on Coleman and give him the window he needs to break a play wide open.

So, should you start him? He’s a ‘boom or bust, ’ but if you do, at least he will not cost much.


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