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How to Find a MLB Pitcher for DFS

By DKL Staff - 7 years ago in MLB News

How To Find The Right DFS Pitcher

It’s all about the Pitcher

People say that MLB is the hardest sport to play on both Draftkings and Fanduel, but I am going to tell you otherwise. 7 of my 11 top 10 Big GPP wins in my career come right from MLB, and the reason is due to my unique strategy. DFS Baseball is all about one thing, and that thing is to get the correct pitcher, and maybe 1-2 hitters right. Follow the steps below on how to select the right pitcher, and you will see an immediate impact to your score.


Matchup is the first obvious factor when selecting a pitcher for two reasons, a win is a lot of points, and an earned run subtracts a lot of points. There are two ways main strategies when selecting your pitcher in terms of matchup.

First: If you are taking a strikeout pitcher, which is always a good move for Fanduel or Draftkings, make sure that your pitcher faces a team that strikes out a lot throughout the season. For example, last year in 2016, the Phillies and Padres were putrid when it came time for batting, causing me to always stack a pitcher against these two teams. If you type in on google, MLB Team Batting Stats, all of your data is right there. Baseball unlike any other sport, is all analytics and statistics because Clayton Kershaw is very rarely going to have an off game against a team that is not a very good batting team.

The second strategy is do not take a pitcher that faces a team that scores a ton of runs. This is very obvious, but I can tell you from experience, people take high end pitchers against teams like the Red Sox or Cubs for some odd reason. Sometimes things don’t go as planned because that is what daily fantasy sports is all about, but why take the chance when there are tons of other options out there. Overall, use the team batting stats to your advantage, because the pitchers are so vital to your everyday lineups

Vegas Odds

A lot of people are reading Vegas Odds and saying, “What the hell does Vegas have to do with DFS.” Vegas is a huge part in picking the right pitcher because a win is an extra 6 points on Fanduel, and an extra 4 points on Draftkings. My biggest rule when selecting a pitcher is this; do not take a pitcher that Vegas has projected to lose the game. If the spread is +120 for the Dodgers, and Kershaw is on the mound, I will not take him. Use the Vegas odds for over/under total as well. If the over/under total on a game is around 7 or higher, try and stay away from any pitcher in that game. Use Vegas to your advantage because the people that work for Vegas are highly educated analytical people.

Winning Team

Last but not least, make sure that your pitcher is on a winning team. A pitcher that is on a team that scores runs is so essential for Fanduel and Draftkings for two reasons. First, it gives you extra points like I mentioned earlier for picking up the win. Overall, try and take a pitcher on a winning team so that you can capitalize on the free points, which is huge.

Final Thoughts

Baseball was not my favorite sports to watch at all when I was younger, but then I started working for Citizen’s Bank Park when I was sixteen, and really just loved watching the Phillies get smoked every single game. By my second season working at the Phillies, when I turned 18, I started playing Fanduel. I started off really hating it because it was pretty hard, but then I started putting some time into it, and everything just clicked. Baseball is all statistics, and if anyone that tells you anything else they are wrong. Go to google, and search that page, and bookmark it because you are going to use that every single day.

I do recommend this, start off by betting small 50/50s or double ups, and as more statistics start to build, then you gradually increase your bets when there is more statistics to base your picks off of. Hopefully after reading this, you learned that the pitcher is the most important position on the MLB DFS roster, and that you have found some ways on how to maximize your pitchers score.






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