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NFL DFS Recommendation For The Super Bowl

By DKL Staff - 4 years ago in NFL News

Well, daily fantasy fans, it is here—the last opportunity to play daily fantasy until next fall. I’m talking about the Super Bowl, of course, between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chiefs. On any given Sunday, both are a great source of daily fantasy points.

But against each other?

Well, they may still be, but it is more likely one thrives over the other. The question daily fantasy players will have to answer is who; who is going to thrive? How you answer it will likely determine how you choose your roster for the big game.

NFC Conference Championship Sunday Roster Suggestions

With only one game and two teams to mine for players, FanDuel is just offering their single-game version of daily fantasy football– rosters of five guys with one designated as our MVP and worth 1.5X the points.

Let’s take a look at the guys we can choose from:

  • QBs: If you are going to use a QB, there is only one real choice—Patrick Mahomes ($16000). Yes, the 49ers defense is going to be tough, but if anyone can still throw for 300 yards and four touchdowns on them, it is Mahomes.

As for Jimmy Garoppolo ($14000), he might have a decent day if the Chiefs can force the 49ers to pass, but don’t count on it.

  • RBs: The 49ers are going to try to keep Mahomes off the field by pounding Raheem Mostert ($13500) all day long. Damien Williams could get enough work in the run and pass game to be a good start, but his price tag is kind of high ($14000)
  • WRs: If the 49ers are going throw, Deebo Samuel ($8500) will get most of the work. The hard part is not knowing how much work he’ll get. Count on even less from Emmanuel Sanders ($7500). Tyreek Hill, however, is a must-start ($12000). Andy Reid will make sure the talented playmaker gets the ball in his hands.

Sammy Watkins is a maybe ($10500), but try hard to find a more reliable option if you can.

  • TEs: George Kittle ($11500) has had four receptions for 35 yards in the playoffs; he can be skipped. Of course, if you do, that means he’ll probably go off. Travis Kelce ($12500) should be a great start, though.
  • Kickers: I hate to say it, but both kickers, Robbie Gould ($9500) and Harrison Butker ($9500), could end up having some real value.


You would think this would be easy since you only need a handful of guys, but that is not the case. What if the Chiefs run up the score early and force San Francisco to abandon the run? What if the49ers ground game dominates and limits the number of opportunities Patrick

Mahomes has?

Because both possibilities are so real, I am entering two rosters:

No. 1—Raheem Mostert (MVP, $13500); Damien Williams ($14000), Tyreek Hill ($12000), Sammy Watkins ($10500), Deebo Samuel ($8500).

No. 2— Patrick Mahomes (MVP, $16,000); Damien Williams ($14000); Travis Kelce ($12500); Tyreek Hill ($12000); Ross Dwelley ($5500).


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