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NFL DFS Recommendation For Thursday Night Football: Who Should You Start

By DKL Staff - 4 years ago in Daily Fantasy, Entertainment

The weekend is almost here. You feel confident about your starting daily fantasy roster for Sunday’s games and you can’t wait for them to get here. But you must do just that—wait. It isn’t fun, but it is a fact of life. You can’t always have what you want when you want it.

But you can still get your daily fantasy fix in with the single-game version and Thursday Night Football. This week, it’s the Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bears. So—who do you want to start?

Thursday Night Football Roster Suggestions

The game is a little. Rather than pick out guys for each position, you take any five guys (yes, even kickers) and designate one as your MVP. He counts for 1.5X points.

So, if you want to go all-Cowboys tonight, you can. If you are feeling like backing the Bears the whole way, that is a choice as well. You just need the best five. To that end, let’s explore our options a little:

MVP: Dak Prescott is by far the best bet here. Under Kellen Moore, the Cowboys have turned into a passing team despite having a bruiser of a running back in Ezekiel Elliot. He is averaging over 300 yards a game and has only had two games that could be called stinkers—and they were against two of the better defenses in the NFL (which does not include the Bears this season).

He is expensive at $15500, but he is the guy most likely to explode in this game.

That will leave you with $44500 to fill the other four positions on your roster.


  • RB: Ezekiel Elliot ($14,500) could be in for a great game. He hasn’t blown up in the run game for a few weeks, but with jobs on the line for the coaching staff, you have to think they are going to make the most of one of their best players. David Montgomery doesn’t get used enough to start, and Tarik Cohen might as well be forgotten.
  • Cowboys WRs: All three of the Cowboys primary receivers are worth considering. Amari Cooper ($13000) has the most upside, but he is also going to be doubled a lot. Michael Gallup’s production maybe a little more consistent, but without the considerable upside ($11000). Randal Cobb is absolutely your boom or bust guy.
  • Bears WRs: Allen Robinson has had some good weeks recently but is not worth his price tag ($14000). It may be worth taking a flier on Anthony Miller, though, at his price ($10500). The only reason you consider Cordarelle Patterson ($5500) is because you splurged on Ezekiel Elliot and Amari Cooper.
  • TEs: Jason Witten ($8000) may be worth taking a chance on as a red-zone target even though he only has three touchdowns on the year. He’s the only tight end worth even thinking about.
  • Kickers: Seriously? Just give me your money.


You have $60000 to fill five positions. Here is my five: MVP– Dak Prescott($15500); AnyFlex—Ezekiel Elliot ($14500), Amari Cooper ($13000), Anthony Miller ($10500), and Blake Jarwin ($6500).

Dallas is in a must-win situation and really need for their stars to lead the way. Jarwin isn’t a star, of course, but he is a good red-zone target and cheap.


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