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Taylor Reyes DKL Babe of the Month

By Danny Moreno - 7 years ago in Entertainment

DKL Babe of the Month

Taylor, our DKL Babe of the Month, was born and raised in Bakersfield, CA. Her girl-next-door charm is apparent. She followed her childhood dreams and successfully got into modeling and entrepreneurship. Taylor’s talent, drive, and drop-dead gorgeous looks are second-to-none. When she’s not strutting down runways or gracing the cover of several notable calendars and magazines, the girl of every man’s dream enjoys hiking and researching new places to travel.

DKL Babe of the Month

To her credit, she is an avid football fan and is the only girl in her Fantasy Football league. She loves the Patriots and thinks Bill Belichick is a legend, can’t say that I disagree with that statement. But perhaps it isn’t too shocking that she doesn’t want to be a professional athlete. She did, however, consider the thought of being Jessie James Decker for a day. I wonder if it’s because she has such a great voice or is married to Eric Decker? Regardless, I wonder if Taylor would intimidate other women, if only for a day. All that aside, the real question isn’t about intimidation or fear. The real question is: how do we embrace successful women like Taylor in our society? The answer is every woman has her own definition of success.

However, there are certain traits that many successful women share and Taylor has many. She spends a good part of the day reading, studying, and working to expand her entrepreneurship spirit. Her achievements far exceed her great curves and beautiful eyes. She makes it a point to surround herself with positive and successful individuals. She shared with DKL, “if you’re passionate about what you do, it will make putting time into it so enjoyable.”

DKL Babe of the Month

Taylor mastered the art of having fun and working hard for her own sake, and it is contagious. Her playfulness and ability to enjoy and make the best of every situation is priceless. But her funny snorts take the cake in cuteness. In short, Taylor’s attractiveness lies not in her lips, cleavage, or short skirt but in her kindness, selflessness, and intelligence. She leaves us with one final thought, “feeling good about yourself radiates out the essence of sexiness.”

I enjoyed writing and interviewing Taylor for this piece. If you want to see more of Taylor, look her up on Instagram at @t_reyess. Click here if you missed our last DKL Babe of the Month. For all our members, you’re in store for a treat! Taylor gave us a parting gift in the form of a modeling video.

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