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Tom Brady a Must-Start Quarterback Against the Tennessee Titans?

By Travis Pulver - 7 years ago in NFL News

Tom Brady a Must-Start Quarterback Against the Tennessee Titans?

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will go down as one of the best regular season and playoff quarterbacks ever to play the game. He is as clutch as they come and has done more with less than any quarterback in recent history.

But the Titans defense shut down Alex Smith and the Chiefs offense in the second half last week. Any chance they can do the same against Tom Brady?

In a word….


Shutting down Alex Smith and shutting down Tom Brady are two different things. The concept is not even remotely comparable. Brady is in a different class than Smith and has much better skill-position guys on his side.

Travis Kelce had been tearing the Tennessee secondary up before getting injured in the second quarter (four receptions, 66 yards and a touchdown). Had he been able to finish the game, there is no telling how it would have turned out.

As good a Kelce is, Rob Gronkowski is much, much better. If the Titans couldn’t handle Kelce, Gronkowski is going to go off.

So, it is probably safe to say that Tom Brady will have a good day against the Titans.

But is he a must-start?

Tennessee is not a great pass defense. They aren’t even an average one (25th; 239 yards/game allowed). They don’t put a ton of pressure on quarterbacks (35 sacks in the regular season) and tied for eighth most passing touchdowns allowed (27).

There 12 interceptions are equal to New England’s, but Brady seldom makes the kind of mistakes that result in interceptions.


So— is he?

Brady will have all of his usual suspects at his disposal. About the only thing that will be able to stop him is the Tennessee running game. If the Titans can get Derick Henry going and keep Brady off the field, he will not be a must-start.

But don’t count on that happening.

In the last three years, Brady has thrown for 300+ yards in six of eight playoff games. He had multiple touchdown passes in seven of those games.

If you like winning, start Brady this week.


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