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Vikings Kicker Kai Forbath or Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell?

By Ben Stuck - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy

Vikings Kicker Kai Forbath or Steelers Kicker Chris Boswell?

With the player pool being what it is now, every position is important. Not that they aren’t all important during the regular season, but when your options are limited, you can’t afford to slip up with anyone. Yes, even the kickers, because there is nothing worse than losing out on the money by three points when you got only two out of your kicker.

So, when you are making your daily fantasy lineup for Sunday’s slate, should you go with Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Chris Boswell or Minnesota Vikings kicker Kai Forbath?

Why roll with Kai Forbath?

Forbath did miss six kicks this season, and as far as his field goal percentage goes, his was 16th in the league. Three of his misses were from 50+ yards, one from 40-49, and the other two from 30-39 yards out. As far as his fantasy production is concerned, he ranked 11th among kickers in ESPN leagues and averaged 8.9 points/game.

His high was a six-field goal day against Baltimore back in Week Seven (24 points). He scored in double digits eight times and made all three attempts against New Orleans in Week One.

But what makes him appealing is that the Saints, while stingy with kickers during the season (avg. of 7.1 points/game), they gave up 16 last week against Carolina. The Saints defense was the epitome of ‘bend but don’t break.’

Minnesota’s offense has the potential to be explosive and score quickly. But the Vikings offense isn’t great at anything. It would not be shocking to see the Saints defense bend but not break and hold the Vikings to a few field goal attempts.

But what about Chris Boswell?

Boswell has exemplified what a ‘clutch’ kicker should be this season making several game winners at the end of regulation. He only missed three of his 38 attempts, one from 40-49 and two from 30-39. He made all four of the ones he attempted from 50+.

Boswell fantasy

From a fantasy perspective, his highest score was 19 points which he hit three times. But he only scored in double digits six times. When the Steelers played the Jaguars back in Week Five, he hit all three field goal attempts for nine points.

What makes him appealing is that the Jaguars defense is going to make it very hard to get into the end zone. So, if the Steelers even think they might be in range, they are going to let Boswell attempt a kick.  However, Jacksonville barely allowed Buffalo to cross mid-field last week and allowed kickers to average just 6.1 points/game during the regular season.

So—who do you go with?

It is easier to see the Vikings getting within field goal range against the Saints defense more so than the Steelers against the Jags defense. Forbath may not be as accurate as Boswell, but he’ll score more this week.


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