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DFS Lineups That Win!

For Those That Play BIG!!!! “The Whale Package”


  • 24/7 PRO access
  • Handicapper picks – 60% or greater win percentage
  • Subscription money back guarantee
  • Monthly play of $10,000 or more
  • Whale package is only $1,000 monthly
  • Exclusive access to personal phone, text, and email to your dedicated PRO

This package is backed by DKL’s profit guarantee

When you hear someone refer to someone as a “whale” in the sports betting industry, they’re oftentimes talking about a very high-profiled bettor that has a history of making very large bets and losing. Typically, whales have plenty of money to spend, so they won’t mind losing. But really… who wants to lose, winning is way more fun! “Whales” are considered to be at the top of the pecking order in the betting/DFS industry. We at DKL’s guarantee “whales” will win, charging this stereotype of a “whale” always losing; while keeping your identity 100% confidential. DKL will develop a personal strategy that meets your lifestyle/betting habits; for this reason we only take ten (10) “whales” per year. Be sure to let DKL go the extra mile for you, to drive fantasy football and wagering to epic highs! We look forward to a real-time conversation!

Are you ready to notch a place in history for 2021’s football season, Are you! 

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