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Which is better: DraftKings or FanDuel?

By Dawni - 8 years ago in Daily Fantasy

Our breakdown of DraftKings vs. FanDuel

There are many DFS sites out there, but only two major players: DraftKings and FanDuel. The differences between the two may not be stark but they are relevant. Before choosing which site you want to play on, you may want to pay attention to the scoring and lineup differences. When I was choosing where to play daily fantasy football there were a few factors I considered but the kicker for me was, forgive the pun, a kicker. I hate playing a kicker in fantasy football. Kickers should have no place in fantasy football. But before I get lost in that rant, I should first touch on the differences in lineups and scoring settings between DraftKings and FanDuel.

Scoring is Different On Both Sites

FanDuel and DraftKings score differently with regards to PPR (points per reception). FanDuel is .5 PPR (half of a point is awarded to the receiver per reception) whereas DraftKings is 1 PPR (a full point is awarded to the receiver per reception). A half of a point can make a big difference when setting a lineup.

DraftKings also offers yardage milestone bonuses. FanDuel does not. In DraftKings if your QB gains 300yds in a game, you will earn 3 extra points. Also, if your WR or RB gains 100yds, you earn 3 extra points. More points = more fun in my book.

Differences in Player Lineups, to FLEX or not to FLEX

DraftKings offers a FLEX position. The FLEX position gives you the option of playing a RB, WR or TE. That kind of FLEXability makes putting together a winning lineup a little easier and a lot more fun. FanDuel doesn’t have a FLEX position. Oh no. Instead of an awesome FLEX position, FanDuel forces you to put a kicker in your lineup. Which brings me back to my rant…

Look, I understand that field goals are a part of football. I understand that kickers put up points in real NFL games. I get that. But offensive lines and punters are important parts of the game too. Did you draft an offensive line in your league? Is your punter going to lead your team to fantasy glory? Is your long snapper outperforming at his ADP (Average Draft Position)? No. Just because kickers score points in NFL games that doesn’t mean they need to be given relevance in fantasy football. The fun of fantasy football is in trying to predict a player’s performance and predicting game scripts. There is real strategy in deciding if you want to play Gurley against the Jets or Bell against the Ravens. There is no real strategy in determining which kicker to play. By season’s end there is very little difference from the #1 kicker in fantasy football and the #10 kicker. And there is no way to predict kicker usage on a game-by-game basis. I don’t care if your kicker plays in a dome or not, it just doesn’t matter. You can have the most talented kicker in the league and it won’t mean anything if the game flow doesn’t allow him to attempt any field goals.

If the fun of fantasy football is in the challenge of trying to predict player performance, then why include players whose performances you can’t possibly predict? The kicker position in fantasy football is ridiculous and it’s time that the fantasy football community moved on. I like challenging my skills, not hoping I get lucky.

The Choice is Yours

So which is better: DraftKings or FanDuel? That’s for you to decide. But I will tell you this – I don’t have a FanDuel account.

Christopher Tyler Baker
Staff Writer


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