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Why The NBA Season Is Just Beginning

By Jon Jensen - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NBA News, NBA Winning Strategy

Why The NBA Season Is Just Beginning

The early stages of an NBA season is always filled with injuries, teams trying to figure out rotations,  and tweaking their rotations constantly.  The off season acquisitions and rookies have to be intertwined into the teams chemistry as well.  This makes for a very volatile and unpredictable play on a nightly basis for the first couple months of DFS basketball.  After the New Year hits, teams have developed their rotations and understand their identity as a basketball team.  The teams also understand at this point whether or not they have a chance at the playoffs, or a lottery pick.  Every year the NBA for DFS really begins in January and I will breakdown some tips to help you win on a nightly basis and what to look for as the season truly gets into full swing.

Games Played

By now enough games have been played to understand the pace of play for teams.  Pace is a very important factor in measuring how many possessions and possible shot opportunities a team can have on that given night.  The more shots or trips down the floor, the more chances of creating fantasy points.  This is a list of the NBA’s highest to lowest pace in the league with the number on the right showing how many possessions that team averages per game.

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Pace of Play

1 LA Lakers 104.1
2 Phoenix 103.3
 3 Philadelphia 103.3
4 Brooklyn 102.8
5 Golden State 102.4
6 Orlando 101.9
 7 New Orleans 101.9
8 Houston 101.4
9 Charlotte 100.8
10 Toronto 100.6
11 Atlanta 99.5
12 Washington 99.4
 13 Chicago 99.4
14 Indiana 99.2
15 LA Clippers 99.0
16 Portland 98.9
17 Cleveland 98.6
 18 New York 98.6
19 Denver 98.4
20 Minnesota 97.9
21 Milwaukee 97.8
 22 Detroit 97.8
23 Oklahoma City 97.6
24 Boston 97.5
25 Miami 97.0
26 Utah 96.9
27 Dallas 96.6
28 Sacramento 96.5
 29 San Antonio 96.5
30 Memphis 95.4

Usage Rate

Once you understand the pace at which a team plays at, you can then break down the individual players usage rates within those teams. A players usage rate is one of the most important factors in building a winning line up in DFS.  Please read one of my earlier articles in the year that clearly breaks down how usage rate works.  This is a list I composed of the top 15 usage percentage players in the NBA up to the current date.

  1. James Harden                        36.2%
  2. DeMarcus Cousins                34%
  3. Russell Westbrook                33.9%
  4. Joel Embiid                            33.9%
  5. D’Angelo Russell                   33%
  6. Kristaps Porzingis                 32.9%
  7. Giannis Antetokounmpo     31.9%
  8. Kyrie Irving                            31.4%
  9. Lebron James                        31%
  10. Victor Oladip                         30.8%
  11. Kevin Durant                         30.5%
  12. Blake Griffin                          30.2%
  13. Damian Lillard                      29.9%
  14. Stephen Curry                       29.8%
  15. Devin Booker                         29.5%

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The final piece of information…

I want to leave you with is trends.   Whether it is a player trend or team trend, the stats will begin to shape your choices and chances of winning.  The NBA now has concrete stats after the first couple months of the season to spot and focus on trends.  One main factor in trends is home and road game splits.  Some players like Ryan Anderson play much better on the road, meanwhile Victor Oladipo plays much better at home.  Teams playing long road trips, or back to back games, are huge factors in possible production high and low.  Spot the streaky or hot players.  What player has been shooting around 50% on the week.  Look at the players history versus their opponent, the player might consistently play well against the Lakers, but struggle versus the Heat.  Trends are a great factor to keep in mind when building a successful winning line up.  The past few years in NBA DFS have been very similar.  One main trend I have noticed is that the stats and players performances begin to take shape in January.  Teams will begin to play set rotations as they start for a playoff push and a lot of players minutes will go up on certain teams (especially potential playoff teams). This is when every win for a team begins to really matter and the NBA season truly begins now.

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                              PLAYER                            STEALS                STEALS PER GAME

PAUL GEORGE                        82                         2.48

RUSSELL WESTBROOK        73                         2.09

KRIS DUNN                             60                         2.0

ERIC BLEDSOE                        51                         1.96

BEN SIMMONS                       63                         1.91

ROBERT COVINGTON         60                         1.88

KENT BAZEMORE                 63                        1.85

JAMES HARDEN                   60                         1.82

GARY HARRIS                       58                         1.81

JIMMY BUTLER                    61                        1.79

nba fantasy advice


                          PLAYER                             BLOCKS                BLOCKS PER GAME

MYLES TURNER                          75                         2.36

KEVIN DURANT                          70                         2.33

KRISTAPS PORZINGAS              65                         2.24

ANTHONY DAVIS                       61                        2.10

JOEL EMBIID                              51                         1.96

CLINT CAPELA                          51                        1.76

BROOK LOPEZ                           44                         1.57

MARC GASOL                              53                         1.51

KARL ANTHONY TOWNS        54                        1.50

JOHN HENSON                           47                         1.47

Once again if you have any questions, please reach out to one of our many DKL NBA Pros. Happy New Years from DK Legends!


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