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Repost – 5 Tips for Winning at DraftKings Fantasy Football

By DKL Staff - 5 months ago in NFL Winning Strategy

Here are 5 tips from our DK Legends pros for haveing a successful season with your DraftKings leagues.

1 – Understand the type of contest that you are entering

Daily fantasy football sites like DraftKings offer many different types of contests. These contests differ greatly in scope, structure, and cost. In our article titled “Games”, it will better explain the different types of games. It is important that you understand the structure of the contest you choose so that you can draft a team that will give you the best chance to win.

2 – Look for Value DraftKings Players

You want to fit as much elite talent as you can in your lineup and that means you’re going to have to cut corners at some roster positions. Every week there are guys that you can get at relatively low cost that offer great value. The pros at DK Legends will help you identify which guys are salary cap bargains and which guys are salary cap busts. You’re going to want to get some of the low-cost, high-value guys in your lineups so that you can afford to spend your budget on the top tier players you really want

3 – NFL Fantasy Matchups Are Key

This is where it can get a little tricky…you want to roster players that have a favorable match-up. Unfortunately, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors when it comes to determining which are optimal match-ups and which are mirages. To figure it all out you’ll need to watch game film, track teams’ unit play and have a proven matrix to help accurately predict game flow and usage/target distribution. If you don’t have time for all of that, it’s cool, we’ve got you covered.

4 – Is the Fantasy Player Hot or Not

There are a lot of hype trains in the fantasy world.  Before the season everyone talks about the potential of the shiny new rookie that had insane combined numbers, or the guy that’s changing teams and appears to be in a new system that better fits his skill set.  At the same time, some guys can quietly be working their way into a feature role in their offense.

Sometimes players have two-touchdown performances, but they aren’t heard from again. Therefore, you will need experience and discernment to get to the bottom of all the narratives. There is a lot of hype out there, but hype won’t win you money.

5 – Playing Smart

A successful daily fantasy football player chooses his/her games wisely.  Balanced game selection and money management are key. You want to play a lot of low risks, low return on investment games. A good fantasy player should be able to steadily increase bankroll by doubling up on 50/50 style contests. But if you want to make a lot of money, you will have to take some risks and enter a few high risk/high return on investment tournaments. Finding the right balance puts you in a position where you’re always making money and giving yourself the opportunity to make big money.

These are just a handful of tips that will help you play smarter. Daily fantasy football is nuanced and can be as much art as it is science.  A successful daily fantasy player knows the stats, watches game film, does homework and develops a system. Our pros at DK Legends have the experience and proven track record to help you become a successful fantasy player.

Do you want to become a better fantasy player? Do you want to make money doing something that you love? We want to help you get there!


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