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Our MLB Expert Spotlights Ben Gamel

By DKL Staff - 7 years ago in MLB News


Ben Gamel

Ben Gamel – Seattle Mariners


If you haven’t read most of my articles by now, I love writing about under the radar players. Today’s under the radar player comes from the Seattle Mariners, and his name is Ben Gamel. The two spot for the Seattle Mariners has looked great throughout the season. Relative unknown Mitch Haniger was producing well before his trip to the disabled list. Now it’s Ben Gamel’s turn, and he is slashing .373 with 11 RBIs in just 13 games in the majors.  The 24 year old left handed slugger is making it harder and harder for the general manger to option him to Triple-A when Haniger returns. Gamel was only a .200 hitter for the Mariners last year, but Ben has mentioned that he is becoming more patient at the plate, and his numbers this year are really showing it.

Gamel’s Future

The Mariners have a very talented young outfield with the exception of Nelson Cruz, so Gamel needs to keep hitting the baseball well in order to keep his spot in the majors. I expect Gamel to stay up with the ball club as a primary outfielder for the most part of the season, but I do not think that he will continue to bat in the two spot for the Mariners once Haniger returns. This may limit his at bats, as well as run scored, which may not be appealing to DFS or fantasy players, but for now, start him while he is batting in the top half of the order.

 Ben Gamel

Is Gamel A DFS Option?

As of right now, yes. Gamel not only has the coolest hair in the MLB, but he also has one of the best offensive teams in baseball behind him. As long as Gamel is batting in the two spot of the order, I will continue to play him in all formats, as he has Cano, Cruz, and Seager batting behind him, as well as Segura in front of him. This lineup is stacked offensively, and that means that Gamel is going to see not only more at bats, but more runs and RBI opportunities. Keep a lookout for him once Mitch Haniger comes back, but for right now, Gamel is carrying a chip on his shoulder, as he does not want to be sent down to Triple-A.


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