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We Take a Final Look at UFC 211 – Fantasy MMA at its Best!

By Caleb Mizell - 7 years ago in More Sports News

Are you ready to rumble UFC 211 fans? With this article we are highlighting several fighters, their values, tendencies, strengths/weaknesses, and a slight breakdown of their opponents as well. Enjoy!

Here are some fighters we like in UFC 211

Stipe Miocic – $8,500

UFC 211

The heavyweight champ comes in at a respectable $8,500. He is a slight betting favorite in Vegas as well with a -120 as of Wednesday afternoon. Stipe likes to stand and trade with his opponents, as he has showcased in a number of his fights. He isn’t intimidated by opponents pedigrees or accolades, having grappled with BJJ black belts and struck with high-level strikers. Stipe throws with volume as well, and can end the fight with a single strike in the first round or a barrage of strikes in the 4th round. His opponent, Junior Dos Santos ($7,700), has cleaned up his technical striking and is looking to reclaim the heavyweight strap. His uppercut is night-ending and leaves his opponents asking “What happened?!”. Stipe has a younger, less fight-worn jaw, and that could very well be one of his biggest advantages in this fight. The two engaged in an amazing war their first fight, and it appears we’re in for Demolition Derby in Dallas Pt. 2.

Yair Rodriguez – $7,600

UFC 211

“El Pantera” comes in as a good value fighter, almost $2,000 less than his previous fights. He has been on a tear the past four fights, finishing two of them and shutting his opponent down in the other two. He has knockout power and has shown he can go a full 5-round fight, proving he can keep up the pressure in later rounds. He has never faced someone of Frankie Edgar’s ($8,600) caliber, however. The former lightweight champ has looked amazing at featherweight, and may very well continue on his path for the title shot. Frankie strikes from strange angles and is lightning quick with his takedowns. Yair has improved his takedown defense, but could be susceptible to being taken down while trying to figure out Edgar’s striking game. Look for this to be a high-paced scrap.

Demian Maia – $7,800

UFC 211

Mr. “Steal Yo Neck” is the Vegas betting underdog and holds good value for this UFC fight. His ground game is stifling, and he is ALWAYS looking to wrap his limbs around your neck. Top position, bottom position, he’s hunting for a limb or your neck to end the fight. Jorge Masvidal ($8,400) is going to want to punch his way out of every situation he finds himself in. He is going to try to utilize his range and outstrike Maia, looking for a big shot to put Maia’s lights out. Striker vs. grappler. If Maia gets his hands on Masvidal and gets a trip takedown, it could end very quickly. The same could be said about a Masvidal cross too. 

Marco Polo Reyes – $6,700

UFC 211

Marco is coming in at the cheapest fighter to get on this card. This could be a big upset for people, or could pan out as it appears. It appears that Reyes is taking a huge step up in opponent against James Vick ($9,500) who is the most expensive fighter on the card. This fight has a question mark over it, because both of these guys could show up big or neither could show up. If they fought to what they are capable of, as has been witnessed in previous fights, it’ll be a stellar scrap. Reyes can throw down for 15 minutes straight, and Vick can use his height and size advantage to bully Reyes around. Vick can strike but his true strength is on the ground. Reyes has fought and won against bigger guys, but Vick is making a run for the title and won’t be easily deterred. 

Dustin Poirier – $8,100

UFC 211

“The Diamond” is dead even with his opponent Eddie Alvarez in value- both are at $8,100. This is my predictive fight of the night; these two are vicious warriors in the cage that can throw down and trade for 15 minutes. Good conditioning by both, a wrestling advantage goes to Alvarez, and a reach advantage going to Poirier. Dustin has improved his takedowns, offensively and defensively, but with his real advantage and ability being to knock someone out with one shot, I see him trying to stay on the feet and pick Alvarez apart. Alvarez can take a shot, though, so he could very well bullrush Poirier and utilize some dirty boxing, maybe even go for a takedown. 

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