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Bullish or Bearish: Rhys Hoskins

By Matthew Kirkeby - 7 years ago in MLB News

Rhys Hoskins

Who is Rhys Hoskins?

To call the Phillies a dumpster fire this season would be an insult to things that burn.   Realistically, they entered 2017 with low expectations, but with a league low 43 wins, they somehow still took a step back.  Nevertheless, in the DFS game, we are looking for one player for one game and that player can come from anywhere.  With nothing to lose at this point in the season, the dumpster divers of the league begin to call up their young prospects for some big league exposure in hopes of kick starting their development.  It is because of this, that these toilet bowl teams often house some gold nuggets of value as long as you are willing to dig through the rest of the turds in their lineup.

Enter Rhys Hoskins

With only 21 plate appearances in the majors there is no MLB sample data worth discussing, but at $2,100 on FanDuel Monday, we are trying to get ahead of the curve.  At 24 and having played college ball, Rhys probably doesn’t need much more time or experience to develop; he should be more major league ready than a 21 or 22-year-old.  While the majors and minors can be two vastly different games, all we have to go on here is his minor league numbers.  Still, those numbers make it hard not to think big things. He hit 67 home runs over the last two seasons of minor league ball.  Hoskins also exhibited excellent strikeout rates for a hitter with his power potential at 18.5% over 1,904 plate appearances.  Similarly, his career 11.1% walk rate in the minors speaks to excellent plate discipline.  It is far too early to rely on comparisons, but those look like Joey Votto numbers.  Becoming even 75% of Joey Votto would be an unlikely and highly successful outcome for Hoskins, but his minor league numbers make it hard not to salivate at his potential.

Rhys Hoskins

If you want a high floor and reliability, a guy with only 21 major league plate appearances isn’t generally the kind of hitter you’d look for in DFS.  However, at $2,100, you are basically tanking a position in hopes of finding surplus elsewhere.  For that reason, I’d happily play Hoskins in any format as long as his price stays under $2,900 (FanDuel).  He is an ideal tournament play, though, as he will likely have a low ownership at his position, and has boom potential at bust price.  Hitting in the home run happy park in Philadelphia that he now calls home, his environment is a big plus.

I am BULLISH on Rhys Hoskins


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