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Raider’s Quarterback Derek Carr Helps Stranded Stranger

By DKL Staff - 7 years ago in Entertainment

A Series of Unexpected Events Reminds Us to Always Pay it Forward – Derek Carr Helps Stranded Stranger

It started out as any other day for Dublin native Ron Reeser. He was at the gas station, and suddenly, he became stranded!

“This light at Orchard and Tassajara turned green, but my car instantly stopped,” says Reeser. Soon after, a man in a black SUV pulled up next to him. He stuck his head out the window and said, “Hey, is everything okay?”

At that point, Reeser was about to put gas.

Reeser said, “I ran out of gas.”

He said, “Why don’t you hop in the car? I’m going to get some gas,” says the man.

It was only a half mile to the gas station and along the way, the two talked about their careers.

“I’m a music producer and I’m a DJ. I’ve been doing it a while,” said Reeser. Then, he asked the man where he was from because he had an accent.

The man said, “I’m from Texas.”

Reeser said, “Okay, cool.”

The man followed with, “I lived in Fresno and played at Fresno State before I moved over here.”

Reeser replied, “That’s pretty cool. What do you do?”

He said, “I’m a football player.”

That’s when the men pulled up to the gas station. On the ride back to Reeser’s car, they continued talking.

“What position do you play? You said you’re a football player, right?” Reeser became intrigued.

“Yes, I’m a quarterback,” said the kind man.

“That’s cool,” says Reeser.

“What string are you?”

“I’m the first string.”

Reeser asked what his favorite team was.

Carr said, “I’m a little biased ’cause I play for the Raiders.” At that moment, Reeser stepped back, astonished.

He asked, “What’s your name?”

The man answered, “I’m Derek Carr.”

“I’m Derek Carr.”

Reeser says Carr told him he wanted to be a pastor someday when he retired from football. The quarterback made another unexpected move when they arrived back at Reeser’s car. Before parting ways, Reeser said Carr asked if there was anything he wanted to pray for. Reeser’s Catholic and he was raised that way. So, he said, “Sure, why not?” He put his right hand on Reeser’s left shoulder. Both men prayed together. At that point, it was a little mind-blowing because this was entirely unexpected!

The two exchanged contact information. Since then, Reeser tweeted this to Carr:

“It re-instilled faith in me that people can still be Good Samaritans and do nice things for people without any expectations, regardless of your stature, who you are or what you do for a living,” says Reeser. He says he grew up a 49er fan, but Carr impressed him.

“You might see me sidelines at a Raiders game,” says Reeser. We asked him if he was a Raider fan before this. He replied, ” I can’t say I was, but it’s probably going to change this season.”

What An Experience

Reeser says he still feels like he’s floating from this experience. He describes Carr as being, “genuine and down to earth.” When Ron Reeser was offered the ride, at first he didn’t recognize Carr. That’s until they started to talk about their jobs and Carr introduced himself.

Reeser also wrote the following about the exchange:

“Not only was that experience surreal, I will remember it for the rest of my life. The universe works in mysterious ways, we just have to keep the faith. I’m a firm believer in someone’s energy. And I encourage all of you to try and stay positive no matter what situation you’re going through. And most importantly, pay it forward when you can.”



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