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Don’t Count On Marshawn Lynch Being With The Oakland Raiders Next Season

By DKL Staff - 6 years ago in NFL News

Don’t Count On Marshawn Lynch Being With The Oakland Raiders Next Season

When Marshawn Lynch came out of retirement to play for his hometown team, everyone thought it was the greatest idea ever. Beast mode in Oakland! The thought made fans excited and had them dreaming about the Super Bowl. But much like Lynch and the Raiders run game, the Raiders were not very good team.

However, Lynch did have some decent daily fantasy worthy days. Maybe, with an improved offensive line next season, maybe he could still be the guy everyone hoped he would be. But it doesn’t appear as if we’ll ever find out.

It sounds like he’s going to get cut.

Cut Beast mode? Are they crazy? Well, it’s not like he played well last season. Yes, he led the team in rushing with 807 yards and had a respectable 4.3 yards/carry. But he also generated some trouble for the team—like when he raced onto the field to join a fight in progress to protect someone from the other team!

Jon Gruden doesn’t need any mavericks on the roster holding the team back. He needs guys that are going to listen to him and toe the company line—something Lynch has never been known to do.

But Gruden is a smart guy. He knows what kind of value a guy like Lynch can bring. However, to judge what kind of future Lynch is going to have with the team he needs to speak with him.

For some odd reason, Lynch has blown off Gruden and is not returning calls from Raiders personnel. If Gruden’s patience is not running thin, it soon will be.

Week one fantasy advise

So—what’s going on with Lynch?

No one knows. The only message Lynch’s agent has sent to anyone has been to chastise people on Twitter for talking about his client.

But if Lynch had met with Gruden or contacted the Raiders with an excuse, you would think he would just kill the controversy and say so. This makes it sound like Lynch maybe thinking of hanging it up again himself.

He might as well retire again. Because with how he played last year, no one outside of Seattle is going to want him after Gruden lets him go.


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