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Don’t Count Out Green Bay’s Receivers This Week

By Travis Pulver - 7 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Don’t Count Out Green Bay’s Receivers This Week

During a typical season, the wide receivers for the Green Bay Packers are advisable options in daily fantasy play. With Aaron Rodgers throwing the ball, you can’t go wrong. But for much of this season, it hasn’t been Rodger behind center. It’s been Brett Hundley.

Overall, he’s been terrible which would make the notion of starting any Green Bay receivers crazy. But this week, it may not be that crazy.

Why not?

Last week, against what was supposed to be a very stingy Steelers pass defense, he had a good game (17-26 for 245 yards and three touchdowns). That tells us that the Steelers defense has been overrated or that Hundley may be starting to find his groove.

If he happens to be finding his groove, he could be in for a big week this Sunday. That would, in turn, mean that his receivers are as well.


The Packers are traveling to Florida this week to take on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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