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What Does Geno Smith Do For Daily Fantasy Value Of New York Giants?

By Ben Stuck - 7 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

What Does Geno Smith Do For Daily Fantasy Value Of New York Giants?

Something needs to happen in New York. The Giants have had their issues on offense for the last couple of years. However, as long as Eli Manning had a couple of good wide receivers, the Giants still generated yards. But with all the injuries the team has been hit with this season, he’s been hard-pressed to get the offense moving.

Since he is the only piece that anything can be done about at this point in the season, the Giants have decided to bench Eli Manning for Geno Smith.

Yes, that Geno Smith.

But why?

The Giants can’t possibly believe that the team could be better with Smith than Eli. Either they do, and they deserve what is going to happen to their team going forward. Or they are tanking. With the competition for the best quarterbacks expected to be fierce, they need to position themselves as high as possible in the next draft.

Before the draft, they need to find out what they have, so they do need to get both Smith and Davis Webb into the game. That way, come Draft Day, they’ll know if that first draft pick will be a quarterback or something else (i.e., Bryce Love, offensive line, etc.).

Daily fantasy impact?

Overall, the most significant impact is going to be on the defensive side of the ball—because whoever they play will have a defense worthy of starting. Everyone is going to take out the running game (making Orleans Darkwa not worthy anymore).

They are going to force the Giants to beat them with Smith.

If you ever watched Smith play during his time with the Jets then you know he is turnover prone and not very accurate. Since defenses are going to go all out to stop him (it will not take much to stop their run game), his accuracy will get even worse.

fantasy gurus

Tight end Evan Engram is only advisable if he is cheap enough and you can afford to have one guy not do well. He may do well as Smith’s safety line. But with Geno Smith throwing the ball, it is hard to imagine any of the skill players with the Giants scoring well in daily fantasy play.


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