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Drew Brees May Have A New (but old) Target Next Season

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News

Drew Brees May Have A New (but old) Target Next Season

The New Orleans Saints have had one of the best offenses in football as long as they’ve had Drew Brees under center. However, with the emergence of a legitimate running game last season, it is more dynamic than it has ever been. According to the rumor mill, there is a chance the offense could become even more compelling next year.

There is a chance they could add another weapon to the arsenal Drew Brees will have to work with making him a better daily fantasy option next season. It’s one he had great success with in the past—tight end Jimmy Graham.

Jimmy Graham coming back to the Big Easy?

When the Saints traded Graham to the Seahawks back in March 2015, the move caught the football-loving free world by surprise. Here they were giving up one of the best tight ends and receiving threats in the game just months after signing him to a four-year, $40 million contract.

Yes, they needed a guy like Max Unger on the offensive line. But at the expense of one of the team’s best weapons?

But Seattle didn’t really work out.

He and Russell Wilson struggled to get on the same page throughout most of his first season. It certainly didn’t help when he tore his patellar tendon against the Pittsburgh Steelers in Week 12. But things went better in 2016 (65 receptions for 923 yards and six touchdowns). While he didn’t have the yards in 2017 (520), he had 57 receptions and ten touchdowns.

But there were rumors around the trade deadline that the Seahawks were looking to unload him. It was probably because they knew they had no intention of bringing him back at the price it would take. But the other GMs in the league aren’t stupid. Why trade for something you can pick up in free agency in a few months?

As free agency approaches

There were rumors that he may have had some kind of falling out with Drew Brees back when they traded him. If that was true, it is hard to believe that the Saints would be interested in bringing him back– but they are.

Week 1 Brees and Graham

If they want to maximize whatever is left of Drew Brees’ time in the NFL, adding a target like Graham would be a good move. According to the rumor mill, the team is planning on pursuing him.

Of course, just because they pursue him doesn’t mean they’ll get him. But if they do, fans can expect Brees to make use of Graham in the red zone early and often.


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