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Who Will Win The Masters 2018

By GolfGuru - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, PGA News

Rory McIlroy’s Masters Odds Improve Following API Win— But What Does That Mean For Daily Fantasy Players?

Rory McIlroy is one of the best golfers in the world. He knows that, we know that, and the oddsmakers certainly know that. It has to be why his odds were 18:1 to win the Masters heading into the Arnold Palmer Invitational (API) even though he had not played well in recent weeks.

Then he had to go and win the API—and now his odds to win the Masters are much, much better.

How much better?

The oddsmakers know how well McIlroy is capable of playing. But truth be told—he hasn’t played well lately. He failed to make the cut at Pebble Beach in February. He didn’t make it at the Valspar Championship either. While he made the cut at the Genesis Open and Honda Classic, he didn’t exactly look like anyone you’d want on your daily fantasy team.

But then he played in the Arnold Palmer Invitational, and everyone loves McIlroy once again. So much so that the oddsmakers felt his odds to win the Masters needed to be better—10:1.

How good is that? Well, the only person with better odds is Tiger Woods (8:1).

But what does this mean for daily fantasy players?

While this news will mean something for the gamblers, what should it mean for daily fantasy players? When it comes to daily fantasy action, it isn’t all about who’s favored to win. So, does that mean we shouldn’t care when odds make such a big jump like Rory’s did?

Eh—yes and no.

Yes, because it goes to show how well he and his talent are perceived. Maybe the win at API is going to be the start of a run for him. Perhaps now is the time to get on board with him.

No, because he has not played well lately (with the obvious exception of the API). Oddsmakers know fans will be thinking about him since he just won. With his play fresh in their minds, they may be more apt to put some money down if the odds are favorable.

mcilroy rory fantasy

So—should you start him?

Yes. McIlroy is one of the best. However, it’s concerning that his win at the API was his first since 2016 and he hasn’t played well in recent weeks otherwise. But maybe his breakout out round on Sunday is a sign of things to come. Perhaps he’s getting ready to make a run for the top. He’s been there before.

Let’s be real—you are more likely to kick yourself for not starting him than you would be for


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