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Go Ahead And Pick Up Adrian Peterson This Week (really, it’s a good idea)

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Go Ahead And Pick Up Adrian Peterson This Week (really, it’s a good idea)

At one point in time, Adrian Peterson was the best in the business. But time and injuries appear to have taken their toll on the future Hall of Famer. That’s why the Minnesota Vikings were willing to let him walk and why the Saints didn’t feel the need to keep him.

However, the Arizona Cardinals were willing to give him another shot. He repaid their confidence with a two touchdown, 134-yard day against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in his first start.

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He made daily fantasy players believe in him once again as well. But then he repaid their confidence with an absolute stinker against the Los Angeles Rams (11 carries for 21 yards). So, who in their right mind would even consider inserting him into their lineup now?

Winners, that’s who.

A set of circumstances have developed that have created a perfect storm of sorts for Peterson. With Carson Palmer out and Drew Stanton in, the Cardinals plan on leaning on their new running back.

“Feed the beast,” offensive coordinator Harold Goodwin said (azcardinals). “It’s like an old stove. The more wood you put in it, the hotter it gets. We’ve just got to make sure we feed him the ball so he can get comfortable.”

It’s exactly what Peterson said he needed in New Orleans but never got. But then he proved the theory right in his first game with the Cardinals. However, he stunk it up in his second game.

Why trust him now?

It isn’t so much that you should trust him, but that you should trust he is going to get the chance to run a lot against a poor run defense.

To be fair, San Francisco is not terrible against the run depending on the metric you look at. They give up 3.9 yards a carry this season (15th in the NFL), but they give up 131.8 yards a game (29th).

Against a defense like that and with the expectation of a heavy workload, Peterson could be in line for a big day. With Stanton under center, the Cardinals tend to run the ball 44.2 times a game.

If Peterson were to get 30 of those carries and averages just what the 49ers have allowed, that equates to a 117-yard day. If he averages 5.2 yards/carry like he did against Tampa Bay, we’re talking about 156-yard day.

So, chances are he’ll have a good day, but he could very well have a great one. Either way, he’s worth having in your daily fantasy lineup.


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