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Jameis Winston And Mike Evans Are Out But What About DeSean Jackson

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in Injury Report, NFL News

Jameis Winston And Mike Evans Are Out But What About DeSean Jackson?

The season has not gone how fans of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers thought it would. They were supposed to be contenders this year. Jameis Winston was supposed to turn the corner and take the offense to new heights. With the help of a solid defense, they were going to make the playoffs this season.

But now it’s looking like they are going to be hard-pressed to finish 8-8 this season.

What about daily fantasy?

Daily fantasy players were looking forward to banking off the likes of Winston and Mike Evans. While they have had good days, they’ve been far from reliable. This coming week, they will not even be on the field.

Winston is being sat for the next few weeks to rest his soldier and Evans has been suspended for one game for his role in a fight last week. But does that mean the whole roster is without daily fantasy value?

Not necessarily.

What about D-Jax?

Tampa Bay’s running game has been non-existent all season, so unless you hate winning money, you are already leaving Doug Martin out of your lineup. However, this could be a good week to get Desean Jackson into it.

D-Jax has not been a great start this season. He only has one 100+ yard day to his name and just two touchdowns. He’s only caught 48 percent of the passes thrown his way this season (27 receptions; 56 targets).

So, why start him now?

With Evans out, he is going to become the team’s No. 1 option this week. Yes, with Ryan Fitzpatrick getting the start, there is no guarantee the offense is going to get on track—especially against a tough defense like the Jets.

fantasy experts

But with the running game not working, the Buccaneers are going to have no choice but to throw. While Fitzpatrick was not good in relief of Winston last week, he did throw for 290 yards and three touchdowns in his one start (against Arizona; Jackson had three catches for 38 yards and a touchdown).

Starting Jackson does involve an element of risk since it is hard to tell if the good version of Fitzpatrick is going to show up or the bad one. But he could be an inexpensive addition to your roster with tremendous upside.


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