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Is Marvin Jones Jr a Play

By Danny Moreno - 7 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Has Marvin Jones Jr.’s Breakout Season Impacted Golden Tate’s Daily Fantasy Value?

When the Detroit Lions lured Marvin Jones Jr. away from the Cincinnati Bengals, they wanted him to be a solid No. 2 option for Matthew Stafford. Golden Tate had already established himself as the team’s No. 1 option. But they needed a good No. 2 to keep teams from doubling up on Tate all the time.

He ended up doing just that in 2016 (55 receptions for 930 yards and four touchdowns). But after his two-touchdown performance on Monday Night Football against the Packers, is he becoming the team’s new No. 1?

Is Marvin Now Golden?

Golden Tate came to the Lions to prove he deserved to be paid like a No. 1 wide receiver because he is one. He has since succeeded in making his point with seasons with 90+ receptions and two 1000+ yard seasons.

Last season, Tate had only 147 yards receiving more than Jones. But he had 36 additional receptions. So, did he underachieve or did Jones overachieve? Is it time for a changing of the guard? Or is it an embarrassment of riches for the Lions and daily fantasy players?

This Season

Jones stole the show on Monday Night Football with seven receptions for 107 yards and a pair of touchdowns. But Tate didn’t have a bad night with seven receptions as well for 113 yards.

So far, both are on track to clear 1000+ yards receiving this season. Jones has 33 receptions through eight games and Tate has 50. But Jones is getting more action in the end zone (five touchdowns to two for Tate).


Back to the original question.

Has Marvin Jones Jr.’s breakout season impacted Golden Tate’s daily fantasy value? It would appear that it has not. Instead, rather than have only one viable daily fantasy option at wide receiver, it appears the Lions now have two.

One (Jones) catches more touchdown passes. The other (Tate) more receptions. Take your pick.


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