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History Says You Should Start Aaron Rodgers This Week

By Danny Moreno - 7 years ago in Injury Report, NFL News

History Says You Should Start Aaron Rodgers This Week

The Green Bay Packers were hoping Brett Hundley could play well enough for the team to still be in contention should Aaron Rodgers be able to return late in the season. Their chances are not great, but Rodgers is back now, and the Packers are still alive. So maybe ….

But more importantly, can he help you field a winning daily fantasy lineup this week with Rogers in it?

But his collarbone!

Being cleared to play is great, and all, but Tony Romo was cleared to play as well a few years ago. We all remember what happened to him, right? He took a hard hit in his first game back and broke it again. Just because he’s been cleared doesn’t mean he should be playing.

What’s more important to Green Bay fans– maintaining an outside shot at a playoff spot or the longevity of their franchise quarterback?

Then again, he’s done this before.

Back in 2013, he broke his left collarbone. He opted not to have surgery that time and was deemed ready and able to return for the season finale against the Chicago Bears. With the division title on the line, he threw for 318 yards and two touchdowns (but also had two picks).

When it comes to Rodgers, if he can step on a field, he’ll be able to play. The question is whether he can take a hit, or will his collarbone do a Tony Romo and break again.

Back in 2013, he ended up scrambling once and was sacked three times by the Bears. But Rodgers, being the smart guy that he is, saw two of them coming and was able to get down and avoid the hit.

rogers week 15

So, what should you do?

Rodgers was perfectly fine when he returned last time. There is no reason to think he will not be this time. Carolina’s previous three opponents threw for 280, 269 and 307 yards. So, the opportunity is going to be there for a good quarterback to exploit.

Rodgers—he qualifies as ‘good.’ However, the questions remains why will Green Bay play him as chances of making the playoff are too slim for that risk, in my opinion?

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