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Don’t Let Jason Garrett Fool You When It Comes To Ezekiel Elliott

By Ben Stuck - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Don’t Let Jason Garrett Fool You When It Comes To Ezekiel Elliott

The Dallas Cowboys are not in a great position to make the playoffs, but they are still in a place where they can make it. All they have to do is win out and hope for a little help from a couple of other teams. They may get that help; they may not. But it will not matter if they don’t take care of business on their end.

With Ezekiel Elliott back after serving a six-game suspension that should be a lot easier. His return will certainly make daily fantasy players happy. Depending on how they use him, that is.


For some crazy reason, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett seems to think that if he says he doesn’t know how the team will use Elliott this week, we’ll believe him. But his team needs to win. To win, it needs great games from its great players.

Elliott is only one of the most powerful running backs in the NFL. He hasn’t played in six weeks which makes him the most well-rested and healthy player in the NFL this week. This makes Elliott a prime candidate to be used early and often.


While the team needs Elliott to have a big day, they have to be concerned about asking too much of him, too soon. Yes, he’s been training while out of the country the last six weeks. Yes, he looks like he is in the best shape of his life. But that doesn’t mean he is in football shape.

It doesn’t mean he is ready to take the pounding that comes with carrying the ball 25 times a game.

So—is Jason Garrett not pulling our leg?

Maybe just a little.

Garrett said he didn’t know what role Elliott would take before seeing him take the field for practice. Practice isn’t a substitute for playing a game, but it will be all Garrett will have to judge how ready Elliott is.

We have to believe that Elliott is chomping at the bit to play again. He is going to want to make up for his absence. He is going to want to make a statement in his first game back from what he viewed as an unjustified suspension.

Elliott week 16

It certainly helps that he’ll be running against a defense that was gashed and embarrassed by Todd Gurley. Will the Seattle defense be mad and looking for redemption? Probably. But Elliott is going to be doing the same.

If you want to win— start him.

On another note, congratulations to all our Pros that qualified yet again for the World Championships. DKL truly has a collection of talent that brings fun, entertainment, and winning projections to you. We are the best in the world at golf so be sure to inquire within, as it starts in a few short weeks.


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