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Holding a $1 Million Check

By DKL Staff - 8 years ago in Entertainment, NFL News

If everything ended after the first round of the FFWC, Box_97 would be holding a $1 Million check over his head celebrating a third place finish. After qualifying for the Fantasy Football World Championship, Box_97 put together an incredible lineup on the biggest of stages and beat out 197 of the 200 FFWC finalists through the opening round to advance to the Final 10 in Los Angeles.

It seemed as though you just had to have Antonio Brown to advance to LA’s Final 10 battle. Box_97 rode the 49.3 points Brown posted against a vaunted Broncos secondary in the core of his lineup. Beyond Brown, Box took advantage of a red-hot Seahawks offense by pairing Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin who added over 45 total points to his lineup.

Heading to Los Angeles, Box_97 will need to be equally sharp in the final round of the Fantasy Football World Championship as his margin for error is razor thin. Currently, in third place, his lead over the 4th place finalist (rockenraven) is less than a point. Similarly, he sits less than a single point out of 2nd place heading to Los Angeles – a leap that would be worth another $1M. Even looking all the way back to 10th place user, Huggins8168, Box_97 has less than a six-point differential between him and the current last place spot.

Will he gain on the current leader CONDIA? Will he be able to hold off the incredibly tight group behind him? Regardless of how Sunday goes, Box_97 has already made his mark in daily fantasy football history.



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