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Is Blake Bortles A Safe Start This Weekend?

By DKL Staff - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Is Blake Bortles A Safe Start This Weekend?

Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles has been a pleasant fantasy surprise this season. After the year he had in 2016, nothing was expected of him. The Jaguars were supposed to have a solid running game and a shutdown defense that could win games while they minimized the potential impact Bortles had.

Of course, the assumption was that his impact would not be good. But, surprisingly, that was not the case very often this season. There were several times where he was an excellent daily fantasy start.

But there were also several times he wasn’t.

He had nine games where he failed to throw for 250 yards; one where he didn’t even have 100 yards. Four times he had multiple interceptions (13 on the season).

There was plenty of bad with Bortles this season. But there was also a fair amount of good. He had four 300+ yard games. He had five multi-touchdown games; three of which occurred when he threw for 300+ yards.

The other two were not necessarily bad starts, but they were not the kind that win money in daily fantasy leagues either.

So, he’s had some great starts, and he’s had some not so great starts.

But what is he more likely to have this weekend?

In December, he had three 300+ yard games, nine touchdowns, and five interceptions. There are reasons to believe that he’ll have a great daily fantasy day Sunday. But those five interceptions came in the last two games.

Is he going to have issues? Is he getting into a mini-funk? The Jaguars have to be worried that he might. But it may not matter.

The Jags have one of the best running games in the NFL. The Bills have one of the worst run defenses in the NFL. Is there any doubt as to what they will try to do for the majority of the game?

Wild Card advice

So—start him or not?

The Jags are probably going to revert back to the formula that worked so well earlier in the season. They are going to look to control the game with Leonard Fournette and their defense. Bortles will pass, but likely only enough to keep the Bills defense from stacking the box against the run.

There is a chance he could be a decent start this week, but there is a stronger chance someone else will be a better one.


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