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Origin of the Game: The History Behind Your Favorite Sports

By DKL Staff - 7 years ago in Entertainment

Today our culture enjoys a wide variety of athletic pastimes. People gather in stadiums and around televisions to watch the amazing spectacle of professional and amateur sports. These diversions are so well established however that we take for granted the long road they had to become household names.

American Football

Not to be confused with the more widespread sport known as soccer in the States, this western variation of the game is much more prominent in America. Played mostly in college during the late 19th century, football was actually formed from European rugby. Its divergence from its cousin occurred when Yale Alumni, Walter Camp, the “father of football,” established important regulations to the sport. This included adding lines of scrimmage, specifications for down-and-distance gameplay, and rules for interference. The most important contributions however come from the college coaches, who initiated the sport’s most important distinction from rugby, the forward pass. Quickly surpassing the college circuit, football came into its stride in 1932 when it was included in the Summer Olympics. It was not until the College All-Star game in 1934, however, that game solidified its status in American culture.


The inception of this sport came almost as a counterpoint to the game of football. Creator, James Naismith was a physician looking for an activity that would improve the stamina of his patients, have playability in doors for winter months, and cause less injury than football. Starting out with a whopping 13 rules, the first basketball game was played in a gymnasium with a soccer ball and two peach baskets hung crudely for scoring. The final score of that 1891 game was 1-0. Basketball grew in popularity quickly. This is thanks to its introduction to the YMCA, which taught the sport to a wide range of athletics instructors. Then when the United States entered the First World War in 1917, the American Expeditionary took the game wherever they were stationed, spreading the basketball gospel.

Did you learn something new today? Let us know in the comments if you have any obscure facts to add to our article, or better yet if you know the difference between the Original Celtics and the Boston Celtics!


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