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Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, Or The Detroit Lions Defense?

By Travis Pulver - 7 years ago in Injury Report, NFL News

Sam Bradford, Case Keenum, Or The Detroit Lions Defense?

When Sam Bradford exploded on the New Orleans Saints during Week One for 346 yards and three touchdowns, his fans felt vindicated. For the last year they’ve been saying he just needed time with the Vikings to live up to his potential. He finally got in the offseason and sure enough—he was awesome.

But then he missed the last two weeks due to a knee injury. He hasn’t been ruled out for this week and the team says they are preparing him to play—but he has not practiced. He was given Wednesday off to rest, but why does a guy who hasn’t played or practiced for two weeks need rest?


After how he played last week, fans would not mind if Case Keenum got another start. The journeyman QB has not had a stellar career, and he didn’t look good two weeks ago against Pittsburgh. But he absolutely lit the Tampa Bay defense up (25-33 for 369 yards and three touchdowns).

He had the kind of daily fantasy owners dream about.

But the real question is

Can he do it against the Detroit Lions defense?

The Lions have faced some good quarterbacks (Carson Palmer, Eli Manning, and Matt Ryan). No one has thrown for 300+ yards on them (Ryan came the closest with 294). They have at least one interception in each game and had three off Palmer and Ryan. But the pass rush has only generated six sacks, five of which came against the horrendous Giants offensive line.

So—who do you start?

The turnovers make the Lions defense enticing, but so does Keenum’s day last week and Bradford’s day against the Saints. Who—if anyone – can you trust?

If Bradford get the start he will not be worth the risk. He’ll likely be a little tentative considering his injury history. Then there is the risk of reinjuring whatever was bothering him. If he isn’t one hundred percent the Lions would be foolish to put him out there. Since he isn’t practicing, it is hard to believe he could be.

The kind of day Keenum had against Tampa Bay makes him an intriguing start. With a pair of really good receivers, an excellent tight end, and a good, young running back it is not hard to imagine him having another great day.

However, his great days have been few and far between during his time in the NFL.

The Lions defense has looked great, and could eat Keenum or Bradford alive.

If you must…

Keenum is the only option worth considering, but only if you are willing to take on a substantial amount of risk. As always, check out the pro Lineup Builder for more information.


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