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Repost – Rookie Playbook – Part 3

By Kyle Battle - 10 months ago in NFL News, NFL Winning Strategy

The Stack: When to Pair a QB and WR from the same team and why

One of the most rewarding things that can happen in DFS is when you pair a quarterback and a wide receiver from the same team and they both play well. Known as stacking, this strategy is risky because you’re using two spots for players from the same offense. Conversely, choosing the right stack could net you as much as 60 points from just those two players.

In this edition of the DK Legends Rookie Playbook we’ll explore the risks and rewards of the WR-QB stack.

When pairing quarterbacks and wide outs for DFS, remember that success is more contingent on the quarterback than the receiver. You don’t want to choose a pairing based on the receiver because if he’s the only good receiver on his team, you’ll lose out on the potential value of the QB’s throws to other receivers.

If you pair up based on the quarterback though, and he plays well, chances are there are a few different receivers and maybe even a versatile running back or tight end to choose from that could also benefit from his success. This is usually a good place to look for a sleeper pick, a less prominent player that could have good stats based on his quarterback’s play.

So start with a quarterback that you like to put up points and try to fit one of his top three receivers within your salary cap. This could also be a tight-end or even a pass-catching running back but the wide receiver stack usually has the highest potential.

As you get more comfortable playing DFS, you’ll probably be compelled to create more than one lineup. Be careful about using the same stacks in different lineups. If it doesn’t work out, you lose two contests instead of one but, on the flip side, if it does work out, you cash out big. It’s a matter of your risk tolerance and confidence in the stack you chose.

Three stacks that I like early this season are in Tampa Bay, Green Bay and Atlanta.

New Orleans Stacks

Jameis Winston, in his third year, should play smarter this year and significantly cut down on his turnovers. He has only played in one game due to Hurricane Irma but he protected the ball in that one game although he averaged just over one interception per game in his first two years. He also has the advantage of having two superstars to throw to. He can lob it high for Mike Evans to out-leap everyone or he can heave it deep for Desean Jackson to run underneath. Adding in rookie tight end OJ Howard’s big play ability once he gets comfortable in the offense and the Buccaneers offense looks pretty good for stacking. I like Winston and Evans together. Jaboo is still affordable in terms of quarterbacks ($7,800 on FanDuel) although Evans is a more expensive guy ($8,500).

Green Bay Stacks

With a healthy receiving corps and time to throw the ball, no one zips the ball like Aaron Rodgers. Beyond just his physical skills, he’s the master of the free play – catching a defense with an extra player on the field or getting someone to jump offsides. He’s thrown 12 free play touchdowns since becoming a starter in 2008, the next closest is Flacco with four, according to Rob Demovsky. His willingness to take these risks and his accuracy and arm strength make him a strong place to start when looking for a stack. I would stack him with RB because his touches out of the backfield and ability to flex out into the slot means that he’ll see a lot of touches and DFS is PPR, points per reception.

Atlanta Stacks

Reigning NFL MVP Matt Ryan should have another stellar season this year. While his number one target Julio Jones seems like the most reasonable stack here, it’s likely too expensive as both players are near the maximum in DFS. However, Mohamed Sanu, the Falcons’ number two receiver is a great player to stack with Ryan for several reasons. First, defenses have no choice but to key off of Julio; he’s just too good not to. This means that Sanu will find himself in more one-on-one situations. While not the fastest player on the team, Sanu is not only strong but also versatile. Having played quarterback at Rutgers, Sanu’s ability to play out of the backfield as well makes him likely to see more touches. He is 5-for-5 for 177 yards and 2 touchdowns as a passer and, I assure you, there’s no better feeling as a DFS player than when your wide receiver throws a 73 yard touchdown to start the game.

These aren’t the only stacks to look at but they should be good for at least this week and even longer barring major change which, in the NFL, is totally possible. In the next episode of the DK Legends Rookie Playbook, we’ll explore how to find a sleeper – the player that everyone is overlooking that’s poised to have a breakout game. The Pro Lineup Builder is one key to success that you must use… signup today at


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