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Jared Goff A Good Start Against Dallas

By Travis Pulver - 7 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Jared Goff A Good Start Against Dallas?

To win at daily fantasy games, it helps to find the diamond in the rough; the player no one has high expectations for but could blow up against the right team. That guy will come cheaper than the rest, and if everything goes your way, will help you win. There is a very good chance Los Angeles Rams quarterback Jared Goff could be that guy this week.

Jared Goff fantasy football experts

This Season

He has completed 70.4 percent of his passes, averaged 10.4 yards an attempt and has five touchdown passes (half of his total from last season). He’s got one 300+ yard game under his belt and a 3 touchdown game as well.

Sounds like a pretty good fantasy day, right? Of course, his success has to be taken with a grain of salt. His best two days were against the lowly Indianapolis Colts and San Francisco 49ers. Who doesn’t rip those teams?

But the real question is

Whether he can do it against the Dallas Cowboys next week.

The Dallas defense dominated in Week One, but the Giants offense is terrible, so that isn’t much of an accomplishment. Denver’s offense isn’t considered anything special, but Trevor Siemian ripped the Dallas defense for 231 yards and four touchdowns. Carson Palmer was hit a lot, but he still threw for 300+ and 2 touchdowns.

It sounds like the Cowboys defense could be ripe for the picking.

Should you start Goff?

Before answering that, keep in mind the possibility of the Rams running the ball a lot. Todd Gurley is a better running back than C.J. Anderson. If Anderson can gash the Cowboys, it is not hard to imagine Gurley doing the same. That could limit Goff’s chances, but it could also open things up if the Cowboys try to stack the box to stop him.

The only problem could be if the Cowboys find similar success with three down linemen, six defensive back lineup like they did against Arizona.

So—should you give him a shot?

There is an element of risk involved since Goff doesn’t have a history of success. But he has a great arsenal at his disposal, an offensive line that is playing well, and he’ll be facing a suspect secondary. If you are okay with the risk, he could be an excellent addition to your lineup.


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