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Have You Set Your Daily Fantasy Pro Bowl Lineup Yet?

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Have You Set Your Daily Fantasy Pro Bowl Lineup Yet?


In a perfect world, the Super Bowl is the best game of the season since it is played between the two best teams in the league. But as longtime NFL fans know, that is not always the case. In recent years, the Super Bowl has been a well-played, tightly contested game. But you can’t count on that being the case.

So, as the Pro Bowl approaches, NFL fans have two reasons to be sad. Not only is the football season about to be over, but the daily fantasy season is done…. or, is it….

There’s a Pro Bowl daily fantasy game this year!    

Fan Duel is running a daily fantasy game for the first time this season. But it is not like the typical daily fantasy game. Rather than choose specific positions, players fill five flex positions with one counting double.

So, if you want to start four quarterbacks and a kicker or all wide receivers or three running backs, a kicker, and a tight end, you can do just that!

But who should you pick?

Just like any other daily fantasy game, kickers are not going to earn many points. You are likely safe leaving them out of your lineup. But otherwise, it is going to be tough to figure out who to start.

You don’t know for sure how much anyone is going to play. Starting the game doesn’t mean a player is going to play past the first quarter. Tack on the uncertainty that surrounds the level of effort players will make, and it becomes even more challenging.

Or who should you lean towards starting?

Well, over the last three Pro Bowls there has only been one 300+ yard passer (Matthew Stafford, 2015). Russell Wilson had a three-touchdown game in 2016 (8-12, 164 yards) and Derek Carr had a 198-yard day (to go with one touchdown and two picks) that year as well.

But otherwise, there hasn’t been a quarterback performance of note. It is probably safe to assume that there will not be one this time either.

Three years ago, Mark Ingram had 72 yards on 11 carries. While that would not make for much of a fantasy score, it is the best performance by a running back in three years.

However, there have been a number of good receiving games. Over the last three Pro Bowls, there have been four multi-touchdown receiving games, and 17 have caught at least one touchdown. Eight guys have had 80+ yards receiving, and there has been one 100+ yard game.


No one is going to have a traditional type of day since no one is going to play a full game. Since quarterbacks and running backs often need time to accumulate stats worthy of a roster spot, you can leave them off.

But wide receivers do their work in chunks. If there is anyone that is going to have a good day, it will be the receivers and tight ends.


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