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Stack Your Lineup to Win at DraftKings & FanDuel

By DKL Staff - 7 years ago in NFL News

Stacking Your Lineup to Win at DraftKings/FanDuel

We get this question from you guys all the time. “I’m new to Daily Fantasy Football. What’s the one piece of advice you have that will help me win a BIG contest?” Seriously? We typically shake our heads when we hear this question. It takes a lot of hard work and time to win big consistently. You need to study hundreds of players and thousands of stats, and of course, you’ll need some luck too. Now that you have an idea of the work that goes behind it all, our next answer is, “We recommend Stacking Players.”

So, What in the World Does ‘Stacking Players’ Mean?

The short answer: Stacking Players involves placing 2 or more players on the same lineup that have positive scoring correlations with each other.

In layman’s terms: start two players from the same team, and when a score happens, both players receive fantasy points; also, this is typically a QB stacked with a WR, TE or RB (when the RB receives a lot of dump passes).

The Strategy to Stacking Players

First, identify a game where a high number of points scored is expected. Then match up the two players that are expected to pair up to account for the majority of these points. We’ve seen player stacks account for 40% and more of the points scored in a person’s lineup, which moves the needle from ‘out of money’ to the ‘top of the payout’ list.

Stacking QB and WR          

Let’s say the Packers play a team with a bad secondary and you want to insert Aaron Rodgers into your lineup. Who is Aaron Rodgers’ favorite target? The answer is Jordy Nelson. Nelson has a positive scoring correlation with Rodgers. Therefore, one Packers touchdown can score your DFS team double the points! So, in a situation where you think a QB is going to score a lot of points, you may want to pair him with his favorite targets like a WR or TE. Rodgers to Nelson, Brady to Gronk, Roethlisberger to Brown, and so on. You get the idea!

Unconventional Stacks to Think About

QB/WR stacks are not the only way to stack a lineup. You can also stack a Running Back with a D/ST. Do you think Arizona is going to dominate the Bills this weekend? Then you might want to play David Johnson and pair him with Ari D/ST. If Arizona’s defense shuts down the Bill’s offense, then your D/ST scores you points. Correspondingly, Arizona will most likely run the clock out in the 2nd half by giving David Johnson a lot of carries. You can even stack players from opposing teams. Do you think the Cowboys vs. Giants game will be a shoot out? If so, you may want to play Dez and OBJ on the same ticket.

Stacks to Avoid

Now that you understand positive scoring correlations, you can make sure you don’t assemble lineups with negative scoring correlations. In other words, don’t put Cam Newton and Jonathan Stewart on the same ticket. One player will most likely take touchdowns away from the other. You may also want to, in most cases, avoid playing two WRs or RBs from the same team on the same ticket. It’s better to choose one or the other.

To Stack or Not to Stack?

When to stack your ticket is just as important as how to stack. You typically don’t want to stack your ticket in a 50/50 contest. In 50/50 contests, you want to build lineups with low risk, consistent players. Stacking is a strategy often used in tournament (GPP) style contests. To be successful in a GPP, you need all your guys to hit big. Stacking your ticket is risky because it’s essentially putting all of your eggs in one basket. But when you’re right, it pays off immensely! After all, it’s high-risk and high-reward.

Did you know that stacking is a strategy the pros use to win big money in big tournaments? Will you step up your game? Are you ready to play like a pro and win like a pro? The Pros at DK Legends are ready to help you get your game to the next level!


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