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DraftKings Player Pools Explained

By Dawni - 8 years ago in NFL News

What is a player pool?

DraftKings offers a large variety of contests, but your first decision upon entering the contest lobby will be to decide the size of the player pool you want to play with. The player pool is the number of players you will have to choose from when creating your lineup. The different player pools are determined by the schedule of NFL games.

More is better

Some contests only include players pooled from two NFL games while other contests will include players from all the week’s games. We recommend playing in contests with a large player pool. The Thursday 5:25PM player pool will include all of the players from that week. You can enter the Thursday contest without rostering any players from Thursday night’s game and you can always edit your lineup as you get closer to Sunday. We recommend larger player pools because it increases the variance (differences) between your lineup and the other lineups being played. Below is an expanded explanation of what the DraftKings player pools are.

Go to the lobby, click NFL, and you will see the options listed below will pop up. These options indicate the NFL games that the players are pooled from.

Sun 1PM EST – This pool includes only games played on Sunday. No Monday or Thursday games.

Thu 8:25 PM EST (Thu) – This is the only pool that will include all of the week’s games. You must enter this contest before kickoff on Thursday in order to participate. REMEMBER: You can enter Thursday’s contest without rostering any players from Thursday night’s game.

Sun 1PM EST (early only) – This pool consists of only the early Sunday morning games.

Sun 1PM EST (Sun-Mom) – This pool consists of all the week’s games except Thursday’s game.

Sun 4:05 PM EST (Afternoon) – This pool consists of all of the Sunday afternoon, Sunday night, and Monday night games.

Sun 4:05 PM EST (Afternoon Only) – This pool consists of only the Sunday afternoon games.

Sun 8:30 PM EST (Primetime) – This pool consists of only the Sunday night and Monday night games.

Bigger player pools = better odds

Our pros at DK Legends are going to give you a significant edge over the competition. Larger player pools give our pros more of a chance to hit on picks and your competition more of a chance to miss on picks. In larger contests the margin of error is large and outliers (things that aren’t supposed to happen but do) don’t have as big of and impact. In smaller contests the margin for error is tight and outliers become a much bigger factor. Larger contests offer you the best odds of winning.

DK Legends picks

Our Pro’s picks are designed to include the following player pools:

Thursday- picks are for all of the games

Sunday- picks are for all Sunday games

Sunday (early games)- picks are for Sunday’s early games

Primetime picks are for Sunday night and Monday night’s games

We hope this was helpful in understanding DraftKings’ player pools. If you have any questions please let us know and we will be happy to help you in anyway that we can. We are committed to helping you play like a pro so you can win like a pro!


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