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Top 6 Free Agent Steals – NBA

By Jon Jensen - 6 years ago in NBA News

Top 6 NBA Free Agency Steals in 2018 – NBA

6.  Nerlens Noel signed a two year $3.8 Million dollar contract with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Thus happening when just over a year ago Noel turned down a four year $79 Million dollar contract from the Dallas Mavericks. This low ball contract is a steal for the Thunder this season.  It also allows Noel to show that if he can play well in OKC, he can opt out after one year and try and get his big contract again.  Between Noel and Steven Adams it should allow 48 minutes of rim protection for OKC.

5.  Ed Davis signed a $4.4 Million dollar contract with the Brooklyn Nets.  Davis is a great pick and roll player and tremendous finisher at the rim.  Davis is also one of, if not the best backup rim protector and rebounder in the NBA.  This is something that Brooklyn desperately needed as they continue to develop Jarrett Alllen and between Allen and Davis they should be much better at slowing down opposing teams.

4. DeMarcus Cousins signed a one year $5.4 Million dollar deal with the Warrior’s.  Do the Warrior’s even really need him?  Probably not, but at that price it is sure worth the gamble and a clear path to winning three straight Championship.  Even if the Warrior’s get 70% out of Cousins this season it is all a bonus.

3.  Julius Randle signed a two year $18 Million dollar deal with the Pelicans.  He is a steal at this price as he continues to build off of his best season yet with the Lakers.  Randle should fit nicely next to Anthony Davis and a great replacement for DeMarcus Cousins.  Randle and Davis are good friends and should build off one another with great chemistry and communication.  He should start right away for the Pelicans and bring a toughness with Davis that will be hard to penetrate the rim for opposing teams.

2.  Isaiah Thomas  signed a veteran’s minimum one year $2.4 Million dollar contract with the Denver Nuggets.  Thomas will bring a nice spark off the bench and already knows his old coach’s system in Mike Malone. The Nuggets are in dire need of scoring as much as any mid tier team trying to break into the playoffs this upcoming season.  A big part of this team’s equation to win is scoring because the Nuggets aren’t necessarily known to play defense, and neither is Thomas.  It is hard to think that just two seasons ago Thomas was on the verge of getting a supermax deal that would of been upwards of $150 Million, 2.4M is a steal.

1.  Brook Lopez is a guy that has the potential to have a breakout year with the Bucks.  His numbers were actually top 5 last year in Centers production on a per minute stat line, the only problem was that he barely averaged over 20 minutes with the Lakers last season.  Look for Lopez to push past 30 minutes a game this year, and at a one year $3.4 million dollar deal, that is a steal for the Bucks.  Lopez isn’t great at pick and roll defense, but he can protect the rim, and shoot the 3, which spreads the floor for this young Bucks team and adds shooting at the Center position.


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