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Week 1 Fantasy Advice

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News

At first glance, many daily fantasy players will just scoff at the notion that a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns has any daily fantasy value in the first place. But with all the coaching and personnel changes during the offseason, there is a reason to believe a Browns quarterback could be worth starting.

But if the worst case scenario ends up being true about Josh Gordon, the daily fantasy value of the Browns QB could already be nose-diving.

What did Josh Gordon do this time?

Technically, the troubled but talented receiver hasn’t done anything other than not report to training camp. But he has a good reason—he’s undergoing some counseling.

With his long history of drug use, it is not hard to see why many are assuming that the ‘counseling’ must be drug-related. But if he slipped up, failed a test, or in any way violated the terms of his reinstatement he is subject to another year-long suspension.

Should he be suspended again, it is going to become a lot tougher for Tyrod Taylor or Baker Mayfield to get the passing game going. They’ll still have Jarvis Landry to work with, but without another quality receiver on the field, defenses will blanket Landry.

Landry is good, but not good enough to beat double coverage on a regular basis. So, without Gordon on the field demanding respect from defenses, his production is going to be limited.

If his production is limited and Gordon’s non-existent, the Mayfield and Taylor will be worthless as daily fantasy quarterbacks.


With Gordon’s track record, it is not hard to see why many are jumping the gun. But rumor has it that he is clean; so far, the NFL seems to be in agreement. But then why did the league say the matter would be addressed at the appropriate time?

One Twitter user theorized that his doctors and therapists may just be trying to avoid the spotlight and scrutiny of HBO’s Hard Knocks cameras.

It’s a believable theory, but if HBO ever caught wind of it, the network would probably be upset. Whether it’s good for him or not, Gordon is one of the most interesting stories on the roster for the Browns.

In conclusion…

It could be nothing, but at the same time, the worst-case scenario is not hard to believe either. Fans will have to wait and see how this plays out.


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