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Who Are The Best Players For Your Super Bowl Daily Fantasy Lineup?

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News

Who Are The Best Players For Your Super Bowl Daily Fantasy Lineup?

There is one more game left in your daily fantasy season, just like there is one more left in the NFL season. But with only one game being played, that mean only two teams and not that many players. So, the game isn’t your typical game.

You choose four flex players and a fifth (on FanDuel)  that counts as double. So—who do you pick?

It’s easy to say who you shouldn’t.

Both teams have defenses that are capable of having great fantasy-worthy games. But you can’t really count on a defense scoring enough to make a difference when you only have five players. The same can, of course, be said about kickers.

Really, what are the chances either team is going to kick six or seven field goals? The only guys worth looking at are the quarterbacks, running backs, and anyone that can catch the ball.

So— how about those QBs?

Nick Foles is coming off a game that saw him complete 78.8 percent of his passes for 352 yards and three touchdowns—and it was against the second-best pass defense in the NFL. Clearly, he can’t be counted out no matter what the odds are.

But his sample size this season is small, and he was a backup for a reason. The boom potential is there against a defense that has given up some big games this season. But the bust potential is also there; either because Foles will flop or New England’s defense steps up for the Super Bowl.

As for Tom Brady—well, he’s Tom Brady. If there is anyone capable of having a big game during the biggest game of the season it is him. The Eagles will try to pressure him as the Broncos did a couple of years ago. But the Philly defense is not that good of a pass rush unit.

And the running backs?

Dion Lewis has been known to have good games for the Patriots. But he’s only accounted for 96 yards on the ground in 24 carries during the postseason. While he did have nine receptions for 79 yards against Tennessee, he had seven for just 32 yards against Jacksonville.

No one else will get enough carries to matter, but James White often appears to be a favorite for the Patriots near the goal line in the playoffs. Oh—and the Eagles happen to be very good at limiting teams in the run game.

Super Bowl

The Patriots have played well against the run as well the last two games. But like the Patriots, they spread the ball around so much it is hard to trust any one player will have a good fantasy day. Jay Ajayi has some real boom potential. But he could just as easily bust.

LeGarrette Blount could see some great work at the goal line, but that will be about it. So, unless he scores three touchdowns (and he will not), he isn’t worth it.


This is where your best players are going to come from. Both teams are capable of running the ball, but their strong suits are the passing game.

Alshon Jeffrey has played well during the postseason with nine receptions (ten targets) for 146 yards and two touchdowns. Tight end Zach Ertz has been a favorite of Nick Foles as well with 11 receptions (13 targets) for 125 yards.  Torrey Smith could be a long shot for a good game.

Super Bowl

New England has three very good candidates. Danny Amendola has taken over Julian Edelman’s role as the workhorse this postseason (18 receptions for 196 yards and two touchdowns). But you can never forget Rob Gronkowski (six receptions for 102 yards and a touchdown).

Brandin Cooks has some serious boom potential. Against the Jaguars, he had six receptions for 100 yards, but against the Titans, he had just three for 32 yards.


Tom Brady will be expensive, but worth it. Take either Gronkowski or Amendola; if you go with Brady, you will not be able to afford both. However, going with Foles will make it possible to three of these four—Amendola, Ertz, Jeffrey, and Cooks.

But for your fifth, you’ll have to take a long shot like Torrey Smith or LeGarrette Blount.


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