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Holly Bortolozza DK Babe for December

By Amanda Thorpe - 6 years ago in Entertainment

Holly Bortolazzo DK Babe for December  

Welcoming our newest DK Babe for the month of December, Holly Bortolazzo.

Holly, was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. She is our first Georgia Peach, and we couldn’t be happier to have her apart of our team.

She has recently moved back home to be with her family from LA but we all know the real answer to that, the girl missed that good ole’ southern hospitality, men pay attention.

We sat down with Holly to ask her some personal questions because who wouldn’t want to get to know her a little better.

DK LEGENDS: What is your favorite sport?

HOLLY: That’s a tough one. It’s between basketball and football. My family usually has season tickets to both, so I attend a lot of the Hawks and Falcons games.

DK LEGENDS: What is you choice of cocktail?

HOLLY: I’m Italian so I drink a lot of wine, but my drink of choice is a jalapeño margarita, extra spicy. I like tequila, but I swear I’m not crazy though.  Only one way to find out- two tequilas please.

DK LEGENDS: What is your favorite football team and why?

HOLLY: Dirty Birds baby! Considering that I’m from Atlanta, I am definitely a Falcons fan. I was in Houston for the Super Bowl last year. Talk about heartbreaking!

DK LEGENDS: What is the first thing you notice on a guy?

HOLLY: His height and sense of humor. I’ve dated a few shorties in my past but I’d rather have a guy who’s taller than me regardless of what shoes I’m wearing.  And, he has to have somewhat of a sense of humor. Someone who’s just laid back and real.

DK LEGENDS: If you could be any professional athlete for a day, who would it be?

HOLLY: I would have to say Roger Federer. He seems really humble has the full package. A successful athletic career and a family. If not Roger, my next choice is David Beckham. Who wouldn’t wanna be married to the hottest Spice Girl???

There you go boys, eat your heart out. Holly is the perfect girl! Southern charm, loves sports, and she’s not crazy! We have some advice, don’t forget the sense of humor or the extra spicy margarita and you might just get yourself a second date. But before you leave…check out these super hot photos of our very special DK Babe for the month of December- sorry boys members only.

Happy New Year from DK Legends if you missed our last DK Babe, click the link Taylor.

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