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Julian Edelman Week 1 Expert Advice

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in NFL News, NFL Season Long Fantasy Draft Kit & Advice

New England Patriots fans were not the only ones looking forward to wide receiver Julian Edelman playing in Week One this season. Daily fantasy players were eagerly awaiting his return to action as well. But, as things now stand, he will not be back until Week Five.

It appears that he failed a drug test and is to be suspended under the league’s PED policy. But it sounds like there may be hope for him when the league hears his appeal.

Hope? Really?

When the news broke it came as quite a shock to most fans. When Edelman posted an apology to Instagram and claimed he had no idea what happened—people scoffed. These guys know how important it is to know what they put in their bodies.

Surely, he doesn’t think we’re going to fall for the “I didn’t know I took anything illegal” excuse. But as it turns, the NFL doesn’t even know what he took.

Confused yet?

It does sound a little convoluted that the league would suspend someone for violating the PED policy without knowing what he took. But the league has done just that. According to a report by Albert Breer at the MMQB, the substance was so unrecognizable that scientists are analyzing it.

If they don’t know what he took, then it sounds like his appeal may have a shot—right?

NFL Week 1 Expert Advice

Don’t hold your breath!

The rules and guideline do account for substances for which the league can’t recognize. From the

The policy does account for some of the unknown. A test can be considered positive if a player’s ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone is greater than 4-1. A test can also be positive if a player’s epitestosterone level exceeds 200 ng/ml.

So, even if they can’t tell what he took, since whatever it was caused his levels to be out of whack, he’s in violation.


It sounds like you may want to get more familiar with the receivers the Patriots do have. With the unit lacking for experience without Edelman, it may be smart to hold off on using any Patriot receivers in daily fantasy leagues.

Rob Gronkowski, on the other hand, could be gold!


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