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Must-Start QB Pick Of The Week: San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo

By Travis Pulver - 6 years ago in Daily Fantasy, NFL News

Must-Start QB Pick Of The Week: San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo

Week 17 of the NFL season is a tough time to play in daily fantasy leagues. Teams locked into their playoff spots will not play their stars. Many teams out of the chase will be playing there stars less than normal. They’d rather see what else they have on the roster.

It’s almost like Week 17 is a preseason game leading into the postseason or offseason. So— how can Jimmy Garappolo be called a must-start this week?

And they are playing the Rams!

The Los Angeles Rams are tough. Not only is their defense one of the better ones in the league, with the way Todd Gurley is playing these days, it is not likely the 49ers are going to see the ball very much. It doesn’t matter how well a guy has been playing. If he doesn’t have the ball, he can’t earn your team any points.

But he may have the ball more than you’d think. While Rams head coach Sean McVay has been specific about his plans for Sunday’s game, he has said he will be resting his key starters.

Even if that just means Jared Goff and Todd Gurley take a seat, that’s great news for Garappolo. Without those two playing with the offense, the Rams are not going to move the ball as well. That means the 49ers offense will get plenty of opportunities of their own.

But that Rams defense….

Of course, getting opportunities and being able to do something with them are two different things. The Rams were very stingy against quarterbacks this season.   But then again, so was Jacksonville’s defense and he passed for 242 yards and a pair of touchdowns against them last week (with one pick and another touchdown on the ground).

week 17

Jacksonville has barely allowed ten points a game to quarterbacks this season. Garappolo scored 22 points (in ESPN leagues).


The 49ers are playing for nothing but pride much as they have been for weeks. The Rams will be playing for no one to get hurt. Games like that usually end better for the team that wants it more.

In this case, that will be the San Francisco 49ers and Jimmy Garappolo.


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